8 Signs That You Are Experiencing Light Body/Merkaba Activation


Heard about Merkaba activation?

Merkaba is a state when you are totally aware. When your spiritual field is filled with an immense amount of love, abundant light begins to fuel your soul and you know what happens?

Your Merkaba or light body is awakened! This will give you the ability to unlock the 4th and the 5th dimension of your physical and spiritual form.

Isn’t that amazing?

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Here are some signs of Merkaba activation. Check out whether it is happening to you:

Intense physical pain

You will have to bear intense physical pain which may be chronic or persistent.

This pain is bound to happen if you think about it in terms of the DNA, because when the light body forms, many changes take place at the genetic level which gives rise to physical pain which is intense and excruciating in nature.

But the good part about this pain is that right now it may feel like it is killing you but the truth is that it is liberating you by freeing you of disease and even slowing down the process of aging!


Sadness will become a part of your everyday life. Most of the times you won’t even know why you are sad but the sadness will haunt you and not let go of you.

This is because you are dissolving the past, so all the accumulation of sadness will first purge and then you will feel free and happy to lead your life.

It’s really just a phase, and it will surely pass.

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Tough time at work

Well, you will have a tough time at your job and not because of some external issues but because internally you will begin to feel the futility of it all.

You will feel that the job is unfulfilling and that you don’t need it to lead a happy life.

You will realize how important it is to do something that you really love rather than doing something for the money or for fame.


This is a very common sign of Merkaba. You will no longer need the company of people, whether they are acquaintances or loved ones.

Even when you are with people, you will feel like you are alone and all by yourself. This happens because Merkaba makes new bonds that are good for you.


You will observe a significant change in your sleep patterns. You may wake up all of a sudden and cry about nothing.

This happens because your body spends a lot of energy to create the light body. Also, you may be having weird nightmares.

They may be so vivid that they will almost seem real to you.

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Yes, during Merkaba, you will feel like you are floating. You will feel like you are being pulled by some inexplicable force towards the sky and you will feel very light.

This may also make you feel that you are trapped between two worlds.


You might find yourself talking to your inner consciousness. This happens because your consciousness skips ahead of your body and you will feel ‘ascension.’

Also, at first you may feel uncomfortable while talking to your inner consciousness but this discomfort will slowly vanish and you will feel like your inner consciousness is actually your long lost friend.

It will be an amazing experience when you will be able to talk to your inner consciousness that freely!

Pay attention to the signs around you and the changes you are going through. They may not be what you think. Don’t mistake it for something else.

There is a good chance you are going through Merkaba activation if you are experiencing a combination of the symptoms listed above.

Source: consciousreminder


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