How Does it Feel to Be an Adult Indigo?

What Does it Mean to Be an Adult Indigo?

Indigo souls started taking human form 100 years ago. A huge wave of indigos decided to incarnate in the 1970’s, so many adults today carry the cosmic gene of conscious transformation.

Their name comes from the color of their auric field. Indigos radiate a soothing violet energy and vibrate on a different frequency that non-indigos. As we moved into the new millennia, rainbow souls decided to increase this shift in awareness, so they too joined the game of life.

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Many indigos right now are raising children of their own. Some rainbow souls have chosen indigos as parents, others opted for caregivers with more self-restricted perspectives. Both indigos and rainbows continue to do the work, together or separately, and what they create prepares this world for the future generations.


How does it feel to be an adult Indigo?

  • Adult indigos are sensitive. They vibrate at a higher frequency, thus being more aligned to the cosmic shifts.
  • They commit to their values and stand their ground. No matter what society says, they cannot change their belief systems just because everyone else thinks and acts in a certain way. The internal compass is too strong.
  • They struggle to conform. It takes time to harmonize their rebellious nature with the system already in place.
  • They question themselves and they challenge the world. Indigos are visionaries.
  • They have extrasensory abilities that help them navigate the sometimes confusing waters of existence. Indigos are self-taught entrepreneurs, businessmen, and businesswomen, creators and catalysts.
  • They see the world as a spiritual background. Everything from cooking dinner to paying the bills is sacred in nature and, done properly, can widen their perspective.
  • Indigos love rituals. For some, a ritual may be going to the mountains two times a month, or drive into the night as a meditation. No matter what they resonate with, indigo adults increase the quality of the human experience by transforming good habits into rituals.

Indigos are light bearers and path showers. They are familiar with both the positive and the negative aspects of human behavior. As they mature, indigos are capable of putting their gifts to good use.

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