Five Meditations and Mantras for Women

5 Meditation and Mantras for Women

Meditation is an ancient practise done by people worldwide, of all cultures and religions, and of all ages. Meditation is a conscious practise that aids relaxation, mindfulness, and focus. Numerous studies in medicine and psychology have shown how mediation lowers stress levels and improves all-round health.

Ailments such as high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia and obesity can be greatly managed – and in many cases completely eliminated – by practising meditation techniques on a daily basis.

The emotional and spiritual benefits are just as sound. Those who meditate are more conscientious and at peace in their work and relationships. Practising mindfulness can improve your decision making, grow your confidence levels, make handling stressful situations more manageable, and give you a stronger sense of self.

Now isn’t this what every woman needs? The role of a woman is all encompassing. The female energy is known for its nurturing nature and sensitivity to other’s needs.

This often means we are juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments: family, work, friends, and personal needs. Fulfilling these roles with satisfaction requires strength and inner peace, and meditation can help with that!


What are Mantras?

Mantras – which can also be referred to as hymns, affirmations or chants – are a collection of words, or sometimes a single word, that hold psychological and spiritual weight. Words have incredible power.

Our thoughts are often words that are not spoken out loud, yet they influence our lives completely. We are all familiar with this reality. We tell ourselves that the presentation we are dreading at work is going to be disastrous, build up the negative anticipation in our minds, and then beat ourselves up when our thoughts manifest and things don’t turn out well.

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Mantras can help rewire this sort of thinking by replacing the negative affirmations with positive ones. As in the example above, imagine what the result would be if instead of fearing the day ahead, you looked in the mirror and proclaimed “I am focused. I exude confidence and positive energy!”  

Even if anxiety started creeping up again later, you could simply breathe and repeat your mantra as many times as you like or need. The manifestation of these positive ‘thoughts’ – said out loud – is extremely powerful!


Mantras for Women

You can practice these mantras anytime, anywhere. There are no hard and fast rules to follow, so don’t worry too much about the ceremony of it all.

With that said, it does help a lot if you create your own ritual, preferably one that can be performed under any circumstances.

You may have a talisman, like your favourite ring, and every time you see it or touch it would act as a reminder to say your mantra. Seeing your reflection or setting alarms on your phone can act as reminders too. Be creative!

You can also create your own mantras if you like. Here are some powerful mantras to implement into your routine, for women from all walks of life:


For Mothers: “I am strong. My love is enough.”

It is always incredible to see a mother giving her all to her family, and still feeling that she isn’t doing enough. This mantra sets it straight:  your love and all you do for your family is more than enough.

Take time out of your day to reflect on how strong you truly are. You brought life into this world, and care for your child or children like nobody else can. You know how fierce you are. You know you would do anything for your family.


During Pregnancy: “I am a bearer of life. I was made for this joy.”

As wonderful as pregnancy is, it can be quite overwhelming too. Your whole world suddenly changes – from your diet and lifestyle, to your relationship and your body. Let us not even get started on the thoughts of upcoming labour! Yet, worry is the last thing you and your growing baby need.

Use this mantra to remind yourself that your body and your feminine energy, was meant to revel in the beauty of pregnancy.


For Work and Studies: “Keep moving! Progress is my reward.”

The great thing about this mantra is that it focuses on what progress means to you. You may not always get the recognition you deserve at work or school, and projects won’t usually run as smoothly as you want them to, but that doesn’t matter when you feel good about your efforts.

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Yours is the only praise you need, and the only yardstick you should ever measure by.


In Love and Relationships: “I attract love and honesty. I am worthy of all that is good.”

You can use this mantra whether you are single or in a relationship. The law of attraction is a very real thing. If you send out signals that you are desperate for love and will settle for a relationship even if it is toxic, that’s what you are going to find!

On the other hand, if you have love and respect for yourself, this is the energy you will project. Romantic interests will see your self-worth, and reciprocate it.

The exact same is true for your relationship. Partners often blame one another for relationship problems, concentrating too much on what their partner does wrong and what their partner should do right.

Rather focus your thoughts on being the best you can be, and radiate an aura of warmth and openness. Your partner’s response to this energy will be enigmatic.    


Confidence and Health: “My body is my temple – I embrace it and nurture it.”

Unfortunately, we aren’t always as kind to our bodies as we need to be. This is especially true for women. We can be overly critical and harsh towards ourselves if our appearances do not conform to the standards set by the media.

Every women has the right to accept her body as is this current moment: not when you lose or gain weight, not when you straighten or curl your hair, but just as you are, right this moment.

When you can do that, you tap into a much purer and deeper energy. It is this energy that will drive you to care for your body, both inside and outside, exactly as you deserve.

On a final note, feel free to have as many mantras as you like, and use them accordingly. You may want to try to memorize some mantras at first. This way you won’t feel stuck, and you will always have some go-to meditations that work immediately. You will soon notice the benefits of mantras, and have the confidence to create your own personalized affirmations.


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