5 Little Things you should know about Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness


Everyone is chasing happiness. We have become so obsessed with crossing an inexistent finish-line that we devour the moments of every day in a total lack of awareness.

Instead of taking a break, a real break from all the thoughts that drive us mad, we continue to race each other in a competition that is both useless and detrimental. We believe that if we outrun our peers, there is a magical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The truth is, there is no rainbow where you are looking for it. Also, there’s also an infinite pot of gold in the only space that avoids your scrutiny.

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As simplistic as it might sound, happiness is always within, and never outside. Indeed, you can rejoice in thecompany of your loved ones, or be glad when your project was approved, or feel comforted when pampering yourself or playing with a pet. But these states come and go

pure happiness

pure happiness

as clouds on a windy day. Pure happiness has nothing to do with what you have, where you are at or who you are with.

Pure happiness is a vibration so powerful, that it can burn everything that is unnatural to you. This type of happiness energizes, heals and straightens all aspects of your being.


These are a few things that you should know about pure happiness:

1. It emerges from peace and profound gratitude.

pure happiness this is

Pure Happiness This Is

2. It’s your natural state.

3. It’s contagious; when you radiate this happiness, everyone you enter in contact with will also sense it.

4. You can never lose it in the present moment, but you can definitely miss it when you get lost in your thoughts.

5. Pure happiness is your right. You can easily find it and rejoice in it while practicing meditation, while walking in nature, praying, chanting, dancing, painting.

All actions that feed your soul point towards this blissful state of communion and thankfulness. Just stop for a minute and say to yourself: “I am here now. I am smiling” and notice what you feel as you repeat this for a few times.

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