Scorpio Full Moon Ritual May 2019

scorpio full moon ritual

May’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio and is a potent time for release and transformation.

This Full Moon is really going to be calling on all of us to shed and peel back the layers that block us from stepping into our authentic selves and into the fullness of our being.

While we all have fears, worries, and doubts that are worth listening to and working through, when you narrow it all down and get to the root, everything can be traced back to a lack of love.

When we truly love ourselves, it allows us to fully believe in ourselves. It allows us to take action from a place of authentic truth and also, from a place of no harm to ourselves and others.

Love is all we are and love is what we will return to, and under the light of this Scorpio Full Moon, we are going to be able to awaken to this truth and lean in to just how much love we can have for ourselves.

Here is a Ritual to use under the energy of May’s Full Moon. This ritual is designed to help you release but to also welcome in love.

Scorpio Full Moon Ritual 2019

This ritual is best done from May 15-31, 2019

  • Cleansing Tool of choice- smudge sticks, incense, oils etc.
  • A Crystal of your choosing (your crystal will be in water for a brief period of time so perhaps avoid crystals ending in -ite)
  • Glass of Drinking Water
  • Bowl (big enough for your crystal)
  • Candle
  • Journal and Pen
  • Timer
  • May Cosmic Guided Meditation

1.) Begin by cleansing your aura using your tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura, recite the following-

I cleanse and release all energy that holds me down, holds me back, or keeps me trapped in fear. As I cleanse this energy releases, and I am left free and clear. I feel myself getting lighter, I feel the flow of energy. I am restored. I am cleansed. I glow with the energy of my true authentic self.

Now, follow up by cleansing your surroundings and ritual ingredients. As you cleanse, you can recite the following if you wish-

I cleanse this space above and below, my space is cleansed and protected. I cleanse these objects above and below, these objects are cleansed and protected. My home is a reflection of light and love, my home is clean and pure. I love myself, I love my surroundings, and only love may dwell here.

2.) Have your ritual ingredients out in front of you. Place your crystal into the bowl, light your candle, and then sit in a comfortable position. Take 5-10 deep breaths here just to calm and settle your mind.

3.) Now, take your pen and paper and choose from one of the journal prompts below. Don’t over think it, just go with the prompt that resonates the most with you right now-

  • “I block myself from my true authenticity when…”
  • “The things that hold me back the most in life are…”
  • “If I wasn’t afraid I would…”

4.) Once you have chosen your prompt, write it down on the top of your page and set your timer for 20 minutes.

For best results from this exercise, keep writing without lifting the pen off the paper as much as possible. The idea with this is that you want to develop a stream of consciousness, so keep writing even if you don’t know what to say or even if it doesn’t address the prompt. Just give yourself permission to dump out everything you are feeling.

When ready, start writing!

5.) Once you are done, take a few deep breaths just to calm and settle yourself again. Perhaps stand up and shake out your body. Just allow yourself to be with any emotions or insights that have been stirred up for you.

6.) Now, while still standing, take your glass of water and hold it in your hands to charge it up with the following mantra-

I am not defined by my words. I am not defined by my past or my fears. I am love. I am me. I am bright. I am strong. I am powerful. I know there is nothing I cannot achieve. I know that my heart is pure and true.

Drink about half the glass of the water and then return back to what you have written.

7.) Take a moment to read over what you have written. Perhaps highlight or underline any comments or sentences that stand out to you. Then, from what you have written, see what messages or lessons you can take away. Your heart will guide you with this.

8.) Now, we are going to do the release work. As part of this process, listen to my May Cosmic Meditation track however, you can also meditate on your own too if you wish. The guided meditation will help begin the healing process and will prepare you for the release. As you do this meditation, hold your crystal or have it in your lap.

9.) Once you have done the meditation, place the crystal back into the bowl. Take a small piece of paper and write down 3 things you wish to release right now.

10.) When ready, take your paper and burn it in the flame of the candle. Take a deep breath in and out as you do this. When the paper gets too hot, drop it into the glass of drinking water.

11.) On another piece of small paper, write down 3 ways you are going to love yourself more. Take that paper and burn it in the flame of the candle. Take a deep breath in and out as you do this. When the paper gets too hot, drop it into the glass of drinking water.

12.) Now, hold the glass of drinking water one last time and charge it up with your own affirmation or mantra. Just say what you feel in the moment. You can do it!

13.) Now, take that same glass of water and pour it on top of your crystal in the bowl. Swirl the water around gently, just watching the soggy paper and the water mixing with the crystal. As you watch and observe, just say a thank you prayer to yourself, to the Universe, and to the Moon. When ready, pick up the crystal.

15.) Take your wet crystal and begin rubbing it between your hands until it’s mostly dry. Place the crystal against your heart and recite the following to yourself slowly and with feeling-

I love you. It is safe for you to be yourself. You no longer need to hide from the world. You are incredible and I love you so much. Allow yourself to shine, allow yourself to be all that you are. I know you are here to do great things. You are incredible. You are a walking miracle and I want you to own this and feel this each and every day. You are amazing.

16.) Keeping the crystal where it is, now just recite to yourself 10 times- “I love you”.

17.) This crystal is now charged up with the energy of this ritual. If you wish, you can sleep with it next to you and carry it around for the next few days to help solidify the work.

18.) To close the ritual, discard the water and place the soggy paper in the recycling. Snuff out the candle and feel free to keep your journal work to reflect and look back on when needed.

Happy Full Moon!


This was originally published by Forever Conscious.


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