The Mental Body and the Power of Thought

The-Mental-Body-and-the-Power-of-Thought.jpg“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
Lao Tse

Thoughts are in fact the seeds! Why thoughts are often described as seeds that determine the destiny can be understood when we look at the effect each thought creates on us as well as others.

First of all, we think, store and process information because of the existence of the Mental Body. Mental body is the medium of thoughts and ideas and is closely working with emotional and physical bodies.

It gives us the ability to think, perceive and process information, to imagine, to remember and to assimilate the results of experience gathered in each life. Without the existence of the mental body, thinking is impossible.

In the process of thinking, what is created is a thought, with a form and a wave that affect the thinker and the outsiders. This thought is normally accompanied by the creation of a feeling and if strong enough, with an act.

In fact the Mental World is the world of real man as “Man” comes from Sanskrit root of the verb, meaning “to think.” Therefore “man” means “thinker” and this thinking ability is what that can ascend human from an animal state to “God.”

In this line the power of thought is thus of great importance since it spells the difference between inferiority and superiority, animal-life and heaven-life.


Basically a thought creates four types of effects, two on the thinker and two on the world around him.

The first effect on the thinker is to change him temporarily, into the expression of the thought. For example, if a person passing by a scene of an accident thinks about the victims, the thought of sympathy diffuses the quality of sympathy in his aura.

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This fills the aura temporarily with a soft leaf green color. Therefore “thought is both sculptor and character builder.” Geofferey Hodson

The second effect of the thought on the thinker is creating habits by repetition. Our personality is to certain extent made up of our habits and habits can be changed if we change ourselves!

In fact modern psychology proved that new habits can be formed at any point of time in life. This can be done by the use of will or by repeating certain positive thoughts over and over again, which creates impulses in the emotional and mental bodies.

As we repeat this process the nerve cells as well as emotional and mental bodies become so well organized and integrated that the desirable act or behavior follows almost automatically. The technique of “Inner Reflection and Firm Resolution” in Arhatic Yoga basically uses the same pattern resulting in self-improvement.

In this case, certain healing techniques such as Pranic Psychotherapy can also be extremely helpful as they help remove the old negative thought forms and create new positive ones faster and more effectively.

In fact this direct influence of the thought on the character is one of the most important topics dealing with mental body and thought, as character decides the destiny.
“Character is the diamond that scratches every other stone.”
Cyrus Augustus Bartol


The influence of thoughts on the outside world happens through the creation of thought-vibrations or waves as well as thought-forms.

A thought vibration, like all other vibrations, tends to communicate with any matter in the surrounding environment that is capable of receiving it. Since the surrounding is filled with mental matter, which responds to such impulses, a kind of influence is created.

This is similar to the effect that a stone creates on water after dropping into a pond, radiating from the center in every direction.

This vibration, has a circumference of influence and if strikes our mental body, it creates a tendency in our mind to produce a thought similar to it. This thought-wave becomes less powerful in proportion to the distance from its source.

A strong, clear and definite thought in this case, will radiate further than a weak undecided one. Positive thoughts also by nature, affect a wider distance compared to negative lower thoughts.

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That is why in sciences such as Kriyashakti and movies such as Secret, the emphasis is on creating a strong, clear and definite thought that can become even more powerful through repetition.

The influence of a thought-wave is creating a similar effect on the other person, rather than the exact pattern.

It means that if a person is thinking of Jesus and his devotion to him, this will create a thought of devotion to Buddha on a Buddha follower and Krishna on a Krishna follower. The effect is basically devotion.

A thought-form on the other hand is composed of mental matter and has a form and a purpose. A thought-form is basically a temporary living entity animated by the idea that has generated it.

Dealing with thought-forms, their quality determines their color, their nature determines their form and their definiteness determines the clearness of their outline.

The strength of the thoughts and emotions determines the size of the thought-form as well as its lifespan. The effect of the thought-form unlike the thought-wave is a definite complete idea, but it can only reach one person at a time.


Thought-forms affect us and others in three different manners:

– The thought-forms we create that are neither about us nor about others are left behind us. They are not attached to our aura, and not to any other person’s aura, but just floating in the air until they fade away.

As long as they are active, they can affect the passengers who come in contact with them and who respond to the vibrations they send out.

– The thought-forms that are created about us, will get attached to our aura and follow us wherever we go. They in fact affect our thinking, feeling and behaviors.

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– Thought-forms directed to another person or objective directly goes to that person and if it finds a vibration responsive to its own, will discharge itself.

However if the other person’s mind is strongly occupied with other thoughts and emotions that it is impossible for the thought-forces to find an entrance, the thought-form will hover about him, waiting for an opportunity to discharge itself.

Study of the mental body, thoughts and their vast power in influencing a wide range of people and situations opens a new horizon in our life, bringing about a greater responsibility. No matter far or near, our thought pattern does matter!
“Be careful with concentrated thoughts. If they are within the realm of reality, they will materialize.”
Master Choa Kok Sui


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