We All Have 7 Births – Discover Which One You Are on Right Now!

We-All-Have-7-Births-–-Discover-Which-One-You-Are-on-Right-Now.jpgAncient cultures speak of seven births before we get salvation and the soul goes through them before moving on. Find out which one are you on? 

Ancient cultures reveal that the soul is a transient being and it moves through a cycle of births and rebirths before it receives salvation.

The soul itself never dies but is born to different bodies and transitions to another one once this body perishes. And it moves to the other realm after the seventh birth.

There are, according to these cultures, some clear signs which reveal the birth number. A soul evolves as it goes through the births and based on how you feel as a person and your most dominant qualities, you can understand which phase your soul is currently in. 

#1 The Infant


This is believed to be your first birth. The first time your soul sees the world. You grow up in a world where nothing makes sense and everything feels new.

People in this stage of birth are yet to find their feet. They feel overwhelmed with things and have a low threshold for things they don’t understand. Every effort they put in fails and everything they do seems to works exactly the opposite of how they planned it.

This life, being the first, challenges you like life challenges an infant, relentlessly. You need to go through this phase to understand what life would throw at you.

This life is led with much difficulty and if you feel that nothing would ever work out for you, then you may be in the infancy of the life chain.

There’s plenty to look forward to, however. This is your chance to look at the world and start making sense of it so that you are ready when the next stage, i.e., the next life, appears.


#2 The Learner


The learner is the second birth or the first rebirth a person undergoes. Your soul, no longer new to the world, has learned to understand it.

You spend this life trying to learn things. Your life is spent in understanding people, emotions, and your personality takes the form of an avid learner.

If you spend most of your time trying to learn new things, trying to understand what people think, how they act and why they do what they do, then you may be in the second life.

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You not only learn about others but also about yourself. Who you are, what you were meant to do, why you act in a certain way etc. will be some of the questions that will bother you.

At this stage, you are not looking for fame and success but your life is spent in learning, in preparation for the one to come next.


#3 The Explorer

The third life or the second rebirth set you upon a life of exploration. Now that your soul has understood what to expect from life and what are the things you need to learn, your life will push you to explore. You will find yourself attracted to new ideas, new thoughts, new places and so much more.

If you have found the urge to explore overwhelming; if you find yourself looking at places wishing you could go there and if you have this feeling that there’s so much to do and so much to see and yet so little time, then you are probably living your third life.

Your soul is now looking to find experiences which it can learn from and where it can utilize the lessons from previous lives. This third birth is exciting in terms that you will live it with a curiosity of a child but handle it in a mature way.


#4 The Lover


The fourth life brings you, love. Once your soul knows what it is and what lessons it had learned from the past, it would try to incorporate love into it.

You will find love in other lives too, but true love, as we have imagined it, would come in this life. You would have already understood who you are so the next step is understanding who you love and this is the life that’ll bring you to it.

If you find that the only thing missing in your life is true love; if you think that you are content with your life except for that romantic aspect which seems to be absent and if you find that day in and day out, all you could think of is finding the right one, then you are living your fourth life.

The best aspect of this life is that it will take effort but once you find your true love, it will remain forever. This life would also be an intersection for your partner, who too would be living their fourth lives and hence come into your life to stay. 


#5 The Achiever


The fifth life or the fourth rebirth is when all that you have learned, experienced and found would be put to use. Your soul will come prepared in this world to achieve things.

Everything your life has taught you would fall into place, things would come your way when you least expect them and the dream that your soul had would be fulfilled in this life.

If you feel that you are just a step away from success; if you find yourself anxious and excited at the same time thinking that any day now you would find the recognition you deserved and if you feel that it is just a matter of time before success would be at your feet then you are definitely living your fifth life.

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If you don’t find success then you may still be in one of the previous phases and need not worry about when the time comes, success will come to you.


#6 The Giver


The sixth life molds you to return what you have gained in your previous lives. It shapes you to think in terms of contributing back and helping others (who are still not in this phase of life) to understand what they are meant to do. Selflessness would be the prime thing this life would teach you before you move to the next one.

If you feel the urge to keep doing things for others, if you find yourself going out of your way to ensure others are not hurt, if you keep finding yourself saying and doing things for others by keeping yourself second, then you are definitely living your sixth life.

Your soul is already prepared to give for it has received in abundance in the past. This life, therefore, would be spent in teaching, helping, giving and the pinnacle of your sixth life would be the feeling of true selflessness and satisfaction from the life admirably led.


#7 The Transcendence

The seventh and the last life which you will lead would be the one to transcend your soul beyond everything human. It would place you above the trivialities and the mundane issues of life.

It would relieve you of the normal concerns and your life would be led in pursuit of something far greater than yourself.

If you find yourself thinking that there’s a greater calling for you; if you feel detached from the regularity of life; if you hate the day to day drama and the trivial things people fight over then it may hint to your being in the last leg of the chain.

If you feel that deep inside, you are not meant for this world and the thing that drives you is the thirst for true knowledge and that is what you feel like pursuing, in peace and isolation, then you are ready for transcendence and once you pass on, your soul would finally be one with the universe, learned, wise and loved.


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