11:11 – Is This Happening To You?

Is-This-Happening-To-You.jpgWe are spoken to by our angels and spirit guides through a variety of means. You may find that you repeatedly hear a certain song on the radio that has special meaning to you or that you flip to a passage in a book that gives you a jolt.

Or, you may notice that there are repeating numbers on a sign or on a clock, such as 11:11.

There is actually a pretty powerful message behind this phenomenon that you may not have realized!

There is a huge shift in awareness and consciousness around us, made clear by the number of people who are noticing these numbers on signs, billboards, clocks, and other places.

This shift is occurring to help us become aware of the synchronicities and cosmic shifts we are dealing with on our beautiful planet, while it brings us to an awareness of out current-day thoughts and feelings.

The angels and other spirits around us are trying to remind us by using the number 11:11 to become more conscious and aware of ourselves and to also remind us that we are being constantly guided by those greater than us.

 They want us to know that we can rely on them when we feel frustrated, stuck, angry, or scared.

A well-known psychic medium and angel therapist, Doreen Virtue, talks about what it means to see the number 11:11. She states that seeing this number means you should make sure all of your thoughts are positive as your desires will be manifesting themselves instantly.

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Don’t focus on the things that you fear. Instead, remain positive in order to manifest your hopes and dreams.

Do you keep seeing 1’s on a sign, clock, or something else with numbers? The more of them you see, the stronger connection you have between your angels and spirit guides.

So far, millions of men and women around the world have stated that they often see these numbers. This suggests that more people are beginning their journey to become a Lightworker, which are healers of our planet. Humans are being called upon by outside forces to bring more harmony and peace to a disorderly world.

The Mayan Calendar states that at 11:11 of December 21, 2012, the turning of the ages began. This shift is taken to mean that the Dark Age became the Golden Age.

There are hundreds of spiritual leaders and healers that believe that so many people seeing 11:11 means that there are ascended masters coming back to Earth to help us get the planet in order again.

When you see the number 11:11 repeating itself, you should know that there are angels who want you to be on the right path.

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They are also there to protect you from outside forces and adversities. They are telling us that we must reclaim all of our power and learn how to coexist with one another.

You will be seeing a lot of changes on the planet as more and more people start to listen to their spiritual leaders. Small changes do lead to bigger ones and more people are opening up to their spiritual side.

Trust in the angels and watch the world become a better place. We are a family who is in this together! Don’t be afraid to trust the universe to give you the things you need.

When you see the number 11:11 anywhere, stop and focus your inner feelings and thoughts. Always be positive and you will love the outcome! Do you see 11:11 more than you think you should? Let us know your story an


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