3 Signs That You’ve Met Somebody From Your Past Life

3 Signs That You’ve Met Somebody From Your Past Life


1. You feel instant connection or repulsiveness.

When we think about people from our past lives, we often think of friends or relatives or even of people that we love.

Often, when you run into somebody that you know from your past life, you feel an immediate connection.

But what about a person that you didn’t like at all? Sometimes, you might feel automatically repulsed by them. No matter what, it’s a sign that you knew them before.


2. Your connection is almost telepathic.

It doesn’t have to mean that you send each other mental messages. It’s more like their ears ‘burn’ when we talk about them.

You might think of a person and just a second later receive an SMS by them, or you may feel of what next a person will say.

It’s a connection that is hard to explain and even harder to dismiss.


3. You see it in their eyes 

Have you ever looked somebody in their eyes and been hypnotized? Have you felt like you already looked into those eyes a million times before?

If those eyes look familiar to you, then it may be because you have seen them, but in your past life.

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If it ever happens to you, pay attention. Some people believe that eyes don’t change when you pass from one life into another, allowing us to recognize our spiritual companions through time.

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