Shamans Believe These Are The 4 Main Causes Of Spiritual Illness

spiritual illnessShamans are not wizards, instead, they are men and women who have reached a higher consciousness and who were born with healing traits.

They are able to perceive things in ways that may seem otherworldly to those around them. Shamans know very well that medicine of the body is not going to do any good for the spirit.

They are more than aware that the spirit needs its own special kind of medicine. As we pass through the physical plane, it is inevitable that we will become sick.

Sometimes we come down with the flu and other times we break bones.

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Of course, some of us sadly have to deal with things like cancer and hepatitis, but no matter how serious the illness, it must be treated accordingly.

Sure, we will all pass on someday, be it old age or something else. Death of the physical body is very different from ‘death’ of the spirit though.

When you look at things from a shamanic point of view, most of these illnesses become quite clear. All illnesses can be found within the imaginal realms. Suppressing these things will not be enough to cure them.

For true healing to happen you will have to get to the root of things and find the cause.

Below you will find a list of the 4 main causes of spiritual illness according to shamanism. Spiritual illness can present itself as a physical illness depending on the depth.

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We all must be more aware of our spiritual health if we wish to remain physically healthy.


1. Fear

If someone is walking around, going through the motions of life with a sense of fear eating away at their very being, they will become vulnerable to illness.

Anxiety causes illness in the body. Fear actually produces our second cause, disharmony.

2. Disharmony

This is what we go through when life suddenly loses its meaning.

I have found it happens most often when we lose someone or something important to us.

You see, a state of disharmony will cause your personal power to diminish.


3. Neglect

If you are being neglected or neglecting yourself you are not getting what you need in life.

This will cause your body to send out warning signs that if you ignore will cause you to become ill.

When you need to be nurtured, find a way.


4. Soul Loss

Yes, I said soul loss. This is one of the most serious things you may ever have to deal with.

This is what happens when you completely lose the will to live.

This can come about for a number of reasons but is always a dreadful experience.

If you think you may be experiencing soul loss you may want to look for the following signs:

Feeling incomplete

Not being able to remember things
Lack of initiative
Lack of joy
Emotional Remoteness
Suicidal Tendencies
Chronic negativity
Inability to make decisions



Chronic depression
When you recognize what you are going through as soul loss you will need to take as many steps as possible to save yourself.

Soul retrieval will be needed.

Remember that you are important and your life is worth living.

Spiritual illness can be corrected, you can get better.


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