5 Signs You May Be a Nontraditional Shaman

5-Signs-You-May-Be-a-Nontraditional-Shaman.jpg3.) You’re Able to Transform Ego-Centrism into Soul-Centrism

“Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.” ~Terence McKenna

In an egocentric world, you soul-centrically crush out. You are a beacon of individuated ego, shining the light of interdependence into the darkness of codependence.

You are famously able to transform darkness into gold and demons into diamonds.

But you are infamously able to transform too-much-gold into melted down darkness, thus becoming a beacon of darkness in the blinding light.

You have not only learned how to transform the worst-in-us into the best-in-us, but also how to transform paranoid morality into amoral courage. For you realize that the ego is just as likely to get lost in the light as in the dark.

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As such, your ability to ground the ego in the eco becomes the salvation of the soul and the resurrection of interdependence.

Where the egocentric person attempts to own the world in a kind of narcissistic conquer-control-destroy-repeat process, the soul-centric person attempts to surrender to the world in a state of respectful and mindful non-attachment.

As a shaman, you are both able to be God (Infinity) and that which perceives God (finite), intermittently.

For your ability to blur the “boundaries” between Nature and the human soul has revealed that you are, just as we all are, God with amnesia.


4.) You’re Adept at Bringing Water to the Wasteland

“The schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight.”

In a human world that is grossly out of balance with the natural world, you dare to be a balancing force of nature.

The Hopi have a term for it: Koyanasiquatsi, life out of balance. As such, you are dedicated to instigating equilibrium.

You are skilled in planting seeds of overt moderation within the compost of covert immoderation. 

You are willing to be the vitally necessary social leveling mechanism sent to tonalize an otherwise atonal world.You would rather slap people with the truth than kiss them with lies.

Understanding that something’s got to give in the unhealthy way in which the matrix attempts to rule people’s lives, you have the audacity to switch fear-filled blue pills with wisdom-filled red pills.

Representing health, sustainability, and wisdom, these red pills are filled with sacred water for a thirsty world.

With these pills of wisdom, no rabbit hole is too deep, no wormhole is too mystical, no wasteland is too blighted, and no God is beyond being questioned to the nth degree.


5.) You Are a Myth-Maker Par Excellence

“The modern Stoic Sage is someone who transforms fear into prudence, pain into information, mistakes into initiation, and desire into undertaking.” ~Nassim Nicholas Taleb

You are a world-builder, a self-inflicted mythologist.

Equal parts divining rod and lightning rod, you’re able to open-up to unexpected music, poetry and art, following intuitive hunches and looking for primordial signs in all domains of thought.

Most of all, you’re able to build upon this teleology in an attempt to move your personified Fibonacci sequence (striving finitude) ever closer to the unreachable Phi (enlightenment).

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You are able to explain this numinous process through the primal mediums of story, art and myth. Mythmaking is the sacred reach of the nontraditional shaman.

You understand that we need a new story, one that leads to human flourishing, bridges gaps, reconnects and transforms apathetic indifference into empathic compassion.

Myth-making is a way of retelling our human story, of realigning our unhealthy urban story with the healthier cosmic story. It’s a way of transforming the dogmatic into the enigmatic.

It helps others realize that remaining enchanted and maintaining our awe regarding the Great Mystery, is always the truer providence.


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Source: wakingtimes


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