7 Signs That Show You Are Spiritually Gifted And Just Don’t Realize It Yet

7-Signs-That-Show-You-Are-Spiritually-Gifted-And-Just-Dont-Realize-It-Yet.jpgAs humans, each of us stands out in our own way. We all have talents, some of which are obvious and some of which are subtle.

When you have a spiritual gift, you may not notice it. In fact, the signs might make you a little uncomfortable. You will find that you are a little more sensitive to certain things.

It can make you feel differently and affect other people differently. Whether it’s a blessing or a curse will depend on how you use it. 


Lunar Phases Change Your Mood 

People who are spiritually gifted will feel the changes in the lunar phase. When the moon is at its strongest–during full and new moon phases, you will feel it most. If you are spiritually gifted, you might feel the need to keep busy or find it hard to sleep. 


You Have A Hard Time Sleeping Through The “Witching Hour” 

The hour between 3 and 4 a.m. is known as the “Witching Hour.” It is most difficult for spiritually gifted people to sleep at this time. Try meditating or praying when you can’t sleep. 

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You Have A Strong Bond With Animals 

Animals sense things differently than humans. They have their own spiritual gifts that allow them to get a better sense of people. If you are spiritually gifted, animals will sense that in your aura and be drawn to you. 


You Can Impact Things Around You 

Emotions have more power than is immediately evident. Those with spiritual gifts often find that their emotions will change their environment.

This may mean a bad mood makes it hard to keep your garden growing or upsets your pets. 


Strange People Like You 

Strange people who are in need of spiritual or emotional assistance are subconsciously drawn to those with the spiritual gifts needed to help them.

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These people may seem bizarre to others, but they are perfectly sane. They are just in need of help you can provide. 


You Are In Tune With The Weather 

Have you ever sensed it was going to rain without the help of a weather report or a cloudy sky? That could mean you are spiritually gifted. People who are connected with nature have an extra sense about these things. 


You Are In Tune With Others 

Gifted people have a tendency to pick up on the emotions of others. They get strong feelings of negativity whenever something bad is going to happen to someone or someone is feeling down. They can tell just by looking at them. 

If you have one or several of these traits, there is a chance that you are spiritually gifted.

You might find it difficult to adjust to this fact and learn how to live with the extra senses you possess, but you can navigate your spirituality skillfully with a little practice and acceptance. 

If you think you might be spiritually gifted, tell us about your experiences in the comments section!


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