Based On The Spirituality Wheel, What Is Your Most Dominant Personality Trait? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

Based-On-The-Spirituality-Wheel-What-Is-Your-Most-Dominant-Personality-Trait-Take-The-Quiz-Below-and-Find-Out..jpgOne of the greatest inventions of all time is the wheel.

It ranks right up there among fire, compasses, paper, electricity, and other major historic advancements.

Think about it, without the wheel nothing would be the same as it is today. Not only does it make traveling long distances quicker, it also makes transporting all sorts of things much easier and way more efficient.

While those areas are where the wheel has the biggest impact on our daily life, there are countless other ways in which the round, rotating invention comes in handy.

One such way involves a more abstract use of the iconic design, one that’s not so much tangible as it is conceptual.

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Across many different regions, cultures, religions, and areas of thought there exists a general construct that is commonly referred to a spirituality wheel.

It’s essentially a circle that is representative of whatever major cycles and ideas that a teaching or belief system holds central to its core values.

On a deeper level, spirituality wheels are used in mainly symbolic ways to illustrate the various connections and associations between certain concepts and ideas.

To better grasp and understand what spirituality wheels are, think about the circle of life. It’s very simple in broad terms, but when you get down deeper into the finer details, it becomes complex and all linked together.

However, there are no strict rules or any set limits as to what a spirituality wheel must revolve around and that’s why they’re so universal and multi-dimensional.

You could even design your own right now, just so long as the ideas and information it embraces make sense. That’s because it’s like a metaphor instead of a rigid, particular type of thing.

The quiz below uses a spirituality wheel and the ideas it encompasses to explore what your most dominant personality trait likely happens to be.

There are four main personality traits represented here and they include humor, kindness, prophecy, and true grit.

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Every individual alive fits under one of these dominant traits. It all depends on how you perceive things, make choices, and what characteristics you rely on the most, as these things all relate back to our dominant personality trait.

Take the quiz to find out what the spirituality wheel will determine your most dominant trait to be, enjoy!



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