Choose an Ancient Symbol – Reveal Your True Personality


We all have certain colors and shapes that we prefer. Our preferences are displayed through our choices in clothing, home decor, hairstyles, and even our taste in music.

So it’s no surprise that if you like things clean and organized, you will have direct preferences with colors and shapes that would correspond to that.

For example, you may prefer light, bright colors like white or light grey, and more modern styles and shapes with clear-cut lines.

Let’s take a look at the picture below and choose which one you are drawn to the most. Take into account the colors as much as the shape itself. Once you have chosen the one that really calls your name, find it’s meaning and see what it reveals about your personality.


Look at all these symbols and choose, immediately, the one that is the most striking..!!

You already made your choice? Now read the answer.


1. Generous and moral (not to be confused with moralistic)

You want to be the best. You have the highest ambitions and take care of the rules at the highest level. You work hard, but you are not selfish. You work to make your world and THE world a better place.

People may think that communication with you is difficult, but it is not easy for you to be who you are.

You have a great capacity to love until you are hurt, and even after … you continue to love. Very few people can appreciate how you deserve everything you’ve achieved in your life.


2. Fascinating and honest

You are a very responsible person who cares about others. You believe in honest work and find it easy to assume obligations. You have good character. People trust you.

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You can accept many responsibilities related to work. You are a brilliant person, fast thinking and ingenious and you always have something interesting to tell.


3. Intelligent and thoughtful

You are a great thinker. Your thoughts and ideas are the most important. You love to think about your theories and points of view alone.

You tend to be introverted and you get along only with someone who likes to think and learn.

You are never superficial. You spend a lot of time thinking about morals. You are trying to do the right thing, even if the majority of society doesn’t agree with you.


4. Perceptive and philosophical

You are a unique person and you have a charitable soul. At your side, there is no one even a little similar to you. You are an intuitive person and a little peculiar, even quirky.

You are often misunderstood and it hurts. You need personal space so that your creativity can be developed. You demand the respect of others. You are a person who sees clearly the dark and bright sides of life. You are very emotional.


5. Self-confident and dominant

You are very independent. Your guiding principle in life is: “I’m going to do it my way”. You trust only yourself. You know how to stay strong for yourself and your loved ones.

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You are not afraid to pursue your dreams because know what you want and how to reach that goal. The only thing you demand from other people is honesty. You are strong enough to accept the truth.


6. Friendly and sensitive

You easily build relationships with people. You have many friends which bring happiness to your life. You like to help. You have a warm and bright aura, which makes people feel good when they are close to you.

People feel good in your presence. Every day you think about how to become even better.

You want to be insightful, interesting, profound and unique. You need love more than anyone in the world. You are a person willing to love even those who don’t like you.


7. Charming and full of energy

You are a happy and fun person who knows how to make people laugh. You are in harmony with the universe. You are spontaneous and full of enthusiasm.

You are always “in favor”, especially when it comes to an adventure. You are full of surprises and you can really make an impact on other people. You always remain true to yourself.

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You have many interests and if something is of particular interest to you, you investigate thoroughly and do not rest until you acquire a thorough knowledge of the subject.


8. Optimistic and hopeful

You believe that life is a gift. You try to make the most of it and give it the best possible use. You are a person who is immensely proud of what you have done in life, you are proud of your achievements.

You are willing to share your joys and sorrows with your loved ones. You have a very healthy attitude in life.

You always see the positive side of life ‘the glass is half full’. You use all opportunities to forgive, learn and grow, knowing that life is too short to do anything else.



Source: mssnaturalbeauty


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