Pick a Feather, Discover What It Says About Your Personality


Have you ever stopped thinking about how boring the world would be if we all were the same? Fortunately, the only thing we share is that we are all different, each one develops one’s personality different from the others, and even if you can get similarities, two people will never be quite equal.

Different types of personalities have been identified and categorized under different parameters, and some psychological researchers have also done so, based on the theory of color and shapes.

For this reason, a simple test has been developed to determine what type of personality is yours, you just have to choose one of the five feathers that appear in the image and this will tell you how you are.

Look closely at the five feathers, carefully observe their colors and shapes, what attracts your attention more? If you’re already sure you’ve chosen your favorite, then you’re ready to read the result that may reveal some secrets that affect your personality.


Feather 1

Peace and harmony take hold of what surrounds you, you like peaceful and peaceful people because you define yourself so. You are a noble soul who loves to help others, never say no when it comes to helping out.

It’s not difficult for you to relate to others, but you prefer to do it with people who share your tastes and have similar interests to yours.

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Someone may think you’re a weak person, but the reality is you know how to be kind to everyone. You have many friends because of your ability to be solid and friendly.


Feather 2

It fits you very easily and learns quickly. You are a perfectionist and try to always give you the best of you, but you expect the same from others.

You are very clever and tenacious. Even though you can enjoy the moments you spend with your friends, they tend to isolate you because you like spending time with yourself to get to know you better, that’s not bad.

However, try to tell people around you how important they are to you, as they often let you believe that your detachment is because of them, even if you do it unconsciously.


Feather 3

You are independent. Always pursue your goals and dreams, which is the risk and you are adventurous.

If it falls you get up easily, do not mind failures because you are aware that they are experiences that make you bigger, stronger, and wise.

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The only thing you should pay attention to is the choice of your friendships.

You know how to be kind to everyone and for this, you have all the skills to be a great leader.


Feather 4

Your strong character is what distinguishes you. You have a lot of imagination and you have the skills to deal with your problems. You are always looking for the best solution.

I do not always like everyone because your character makes you think that you are overpowered and authoritarian, but once you have the chance to get to know you better understand that is not the case.

Thanks to your strong and impressive personality, others easily notice your presence. You’re not easy to fool, you always have good arguments.

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You require a lot of yourself and love perfection, you just have to remember that you can not always exist and for this reason, you should enjoy more than every moment, every mistake, and every experience. Relax, it’s just life.

Feather 5

You are an artist with impressive creativity and imagination. However, sometimes you do not have confidence in your skills and this does not allow you to grow.

Things so many failures that you do not realize that it’s just this fear of getting rid of you. You have a special feeling for detail. You are a perfectionist and try to always give you the best of yourself and expect the same from others.


Source: dinosmarkfactual


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