Pick A Tree To Discover What You Have To Look Forward To For 2018

Pick-A-Tree-To-Discover-What-You-Have-To-Look-Forward-To-For-2018.jpgChoose a colorful tree form one to nine and find out what it says about your personality and your veiled desires for the New Year.

Try to choose the one that pleases your eye the most and you feel like you would love to be relax under. Imagine the canopy covering you and giving you the shade that you feel you need.

Take a look at the picture and pick 1 tree for your New Year message. Look carefully at the colours and detail, and  listen to your inner voice.

Do you have your choice? If yes, scroll down to know its meaning.

1. Oak


If you chose this tree you’re the type of person who sees at the positive side of things. To you there’s good in bad. The glass is half full.

To you life is a series of explorations. You’re always curious about the adventures that awaits you.

Means, you look forward to the things that will happen. People appreciate your excitement about little things.

In the coming year you can expect pleasant and momentous events because you are open to new changes. You are up for the new experiences in life and refuse to feel bound by circumstances. Be prepared for a year full of surprises.


2. Larch

You don’t believe in boundaries and barriers. Nothing can come between you and your goal.

Once you’ve made up your mind you make sure you follow your path. You’re like a bird, free to fly your way without looking back.

In 2018, commitment is the key to achievement. If you stay focused, success will lie at your feet.

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Your independent nature will help you keep from distractions and make it easy for you to attain your goal that you’ve been working on for so long.


3. Maple

If you picked the third tree you’re most probably on the sensitive side. You feel pain and pleasure a little more than the others, which is a beautiful thing.

You spend a lot of time overthinking. You have created your own little bubble where you spend most of your time. Thinking and obsessing over little things in your life.

In New Year you can expect a romantic partner. Even though you keep to yourself your relationship won’t be boring instead you’ll experience life in a different way.

In a way you’ve never before. Maybe this person would be the one you confide in. You would probably want to spend more time with them than with your thoughts. Let them see the side of you no one has ever seen before.


4. Alder

You like to believe you’re a strong person. You tend to be rational and practical in difficult situations.

These qualities of you makes you a reliable person and people like to trust you with your problems. You, in turn, enjoy helping people and don’t mind them always bringing up their issues to you.

It bothers you when people see you as a sensitive person, it makes you feel weak. This can be the reason why you don’t believe in feelings.

You thinks it’s better to put your guard up than wearing your heart on the sleeve. This is why you might have trouble being in a relationship.

But, coming year you can expect to meet a person who believes in your kindness and won’t try to exploit it. You just need to let your walls down and allow the right person in. Let your feelings guide you for once.


5. Myrtle

You believe in hard work and effort rather than luck. To you ‘luck’ is just an excuse people make when they fail to acknowledge their failures.

Since you purely rely on your work you make sure you have everything under control. Completing a task on time gives you more satisfaction than anything else.

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This year you are likely to get a promotion in the coming year, which is well deserved looking at how you put your blood, sweat and tears in every task you put your hands on.



6. Plum


Your choice of tree depicts that you’re a very peace loving and realistic person. To you it’s equally important to spend time with your peers as well as having some me-time.

At times you just want sit alone, all by yourself to reflect on the outside world. You feel like you want a break from this fast paced world and to do so you curl up into your private space.

This year though, your socializing will be more useful for you. You will find the one person to whom you could pour your heart to and you will not regret it.

You will learn how important it is to sometimes let someone into your personal space and talk to them about what’s been going on in that mind of yours.


7. Linden

You’re are an analytical person. You attempt to understand every aspect of your life as much as you can.

The hint of sensitivity in you always helps to cover the qualitative side of the matter, too.

This is why you have a good grasp on your life. Your confidence attracts people and they find it easy to rely on you.

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This year, you’ll find a person who’s as attentive and confident as you. With the same sense of style the two of you will build up something magical. For this person, culture plays a very big role


8. Chestnut

People get the same vibes from you as they get from the huge chestnut tree-comfort and relaxation. People see you as a dreamer.

Someone who’s creativity is really strong. You end to live in your dreamland because at least it is magical unlike this cold world. You are a romantic person who knows how to love and to make someone feel loved.

You follow your gut. You will find someone who looks at the picture rationally, rather than emotionally. You two will click together a perfect and balanced match-with their rationality and your sensitivity.

Even though, this person is rational he or she will trust in you and let you see their wild and emotional side, too. They will also not limit you from dreaming, instead would like to hear you pour your wildest imaginations to them.


9. Willow

You’re probably an extrovert. Always ready to socialize and excited to meet new people. Your energy attracts people. Risks are a prime part of your life. You won’t hold back if you wish to do something.

Routine and schedules bore you and you’re waiting for a chance to play the lead role. Unlike most, the spotlight doesn’t bother you.

Thanks to how full of life and active you are the chance for that big role is here. The moment of the long anticipated fame is finally here.


What your choice means:

The tree you have picked divulges how you treat yourself and what kind of changes you think are essential in your life. Your choice might also define the hidden part of your character, the one that you are not knowledgeable about but other people are.

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Are you surprised with the results? Please share it with us in the comment section below!




Source: meowgag.


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