Choose A Key And Unlock Your Inner Magic



Keys are very old tools of magic. In fact, a key can be used for both divination and ritual purposes.

Key in Magic

It symbolizes the power of the Witch/Mage to change reality and open the doors of the other realms.

Usually, an old key is used by a Witch/Mage to travel through realms and seek the guidance of higher and wiser entities.

Now. Let’s focus on our Test. Each key represents us, and our magical capability. What atoms of magic are we made of?

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Choose the key that attracts you the most and reveal your inner magic!

1.The Key to the Triple Goddess 

This is the tool of the Triple Goddess, to give balance to nature and the world. This is the triquetra. The Triquetra symbolizes the three aspects of the Divine, the maiden, the mother, and the Crone – Goddess or chosen one, fighter, father  – God.

If you have picked this, then you are born to create miracles. The Triquetra is circled by the crown of Apollo, God of Light and all Blessings. Good Luck is by your side. You are only one step away from success.

Some advice would be to learn how to balance your own diverse aspects. Look at the intricacy of the key. Look how complex it is. You need to find balance. Grounding your energies can be extremely helpful.


2. The Key of Eros

All you need is Love. This is the most powerful affirmation. This is the key to Eros, God of Love. Love opens all gates, love conquers all, love is the perfect medicine for all kinds of diseases.

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This is what you need to understand or remember. With Love by your side, you will be able to open the gates of Success. You’ve been hurt by love and this heavy burden slows your path. Get rid of it. Forgive yourself and others.

Your heart is truly romantic, longing for the one true love that can make you invincible. This special someone though is really close. The only thing you have to do is open yourself to Love. Clear your Heart Chakra. Send a clear message to the universe.


3. The Key of Aphrodite

This the key of Aphrodite, goddess of Beauty, love, and peace. The Dove flying is a symbol of peace and freedom. You long for harmony, beauty, and peace. You’ve been through so much in the past but now is the time to break free.

Use this key to let past go. What hurt you should now be left. The past can no longer affect your future.

You truly believe that life should be simple. You need time off for details and tough schedules. Try to find some quality time for yourself. Choose activities and people who simplify your life. You don’t need complex thinking to succeed. Trust your instincts.


4. The Druid Key

This is the key of the Druids. It is decorated with the Celtic Knot, a symbol that all life and spirits are interconnected. What you need to understand is that you are never alone. You are always “online” with the universe, connected with everything that lives or not. Yet, you are the free soul and you should be independent.

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Go into nature and ground yourself. Find the balance in the green forest and trust all parts of life. We are moved by energy currents. Although the energy might move us all the time, we should find our sacred inner center – just like the Wise Ones did for ages.

You may feel lost but do not forget that we are never lost as when we are heading towards the Light. Meditation can help you too providing insight into the wonder we call living.


5. The Royal Key

This the key of the most ambitious ones. If you’ve picked this then you probably aim high. Remember that life is a game and a wonderful journey. The destination matters but so does the trip – if not more.

Keep on aiming high but always remember to laugh, have fun and take things lightly. It is important to maintain a balance between the things you want to achieve and the small things which make you happy every day. Do not neglect yourself trying to reach your goals. You will be happy only if you are true to yourself.

The Royal Key is the most complex one – look at it! You probably believe that you have to try very hard in order to succeed – or work more to live comfortably. But human beings are not that complex. All we need is love. Try to find simple solutions. The simpler, the better!


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