Choose One Sugar Skull To See What It Reveals About Your Personality


Our choices are not random. We do not pick things accidentally. Our choices are governed by the kind of people we are and usually what we pick, even unknowingly, is decided by the kind of personalities we have.

The truth of the matter is that our choices reveal a lot about our personality traits, and nothing about our selections are random.

Here, for example, we have 10 sugar skulls, all of the different kinds. Go ahead and pick a skull which attracts you the most and we will reveal why you made that choice. Go ahead, give it a shot!



If this skull was your choice then chances are that you are a person with simple yet elegant tastes.

The skull, above, is minimally decorated and has flowers placed as a wreath.

The eyes are glowing red which indicates passion.

You are, therefore, someone who is passionately attracted towards the beautiful things in life but you are not impressed by complexity.

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Your thoughts, as well as your actions, are sophisticated but never complex, which makes you an ideal mix of simple living and higher thinking.




If this skull was your choice then chances are that you are a person deeply affected by nature.

You like things in their natural form be it beauty or anything else.

The skull shows the sun surrounded by leaves, which indicates a nurturing nature.

You are, therefore, the kind of person who likes to care for others, provide help to those who need it and you like helping people grow in life.

You accept people as they are, without judging them, as that is the way nature made them.



If this is the skull you chose, then chances are that you are a person who is extremely detail oriented.

The skull is delicately decorated with fine designs and intricately painted.

Your choice reveals that you, too, are someone who pays attention to the finer details of life and loves the intricacy of thoughts.

You are driven towards the finer things in life and appreciate the beauty of creating something which is so finely detailed.

You are the sort of person who moves towards perfectionism with every step and you do it in a style of your own.



If this is the skull you picked, then chances are that you are a person who is highly attracted by the primitive side of humans.

This skull is indicative of ancient knowledge, and your choice reveals that you love the true nature of humans.

You like it when people are real with you and don’t sugarcoat things just to please you.

You prefer honesty, straightforwardness, and blunt nature of people because that, at least, shows you their true sides.

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You hate people who lie and deceive as you would rather have people who speak the harsh reality than sugarcoat a lie.



If this is the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person with a colorful personality.

You like being out and open about who you are and you express yourself as honestly as you can.

Your choice reveals that your true nature is free and wild, just like the image depicted on the skull, and you are always honest about who you are as a person.

It doesn’t matter if others accept you or not, it is their problem. You simply look ahead in life perfecting yourself as you go.

You are not the one to doubt yourself, your self-belief is what drives you on.



If this was the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person deep in touch with your soul.

Your spirituality is what sets you apart from the rest and your soul is what pushes you on.

The skull above has a cross on its head, which does not mean that you are religious (you may be religious as well) but that you are influenced by your inner-voice.

Your understanding of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses comes from a deeper understanding of your own thoughts.

Not a lot of people understand the mysterious ways in which their souls speak to them but you know when it speaks and you know how to pay attention to your inner voice. This is not only a rare quality but also one which is difficult to attain.



If this is the skull you chose, then chances are that you are a person who stands out in a crowd without even trying.

This is the only skill in the list which has a mustache and it stands out distinctly.

Your choice, therefore, reveals that you are someone who does not have to put in an effort to be different, you already are.

Be it your choices, your attitude, or your general approach towards your life, you are not the one to conform to what others expect of you.

You would always make choices, even unknowingly, that will be different from others but unique in its own way.

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Being different is difficult in a world which does not appreciate uniqueness but you still stand tall and proud of how uniquely different you are.


If this is the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person with a spark in your soul. You are someone who is driven by the beauty of thoughts and not of the body.

The skull, above, shows a diamond on the forehead. Your choice, therefore, means that you are someone who appreciates a deep conversation and a meaningful talk.

It’s the way people think that fascinates you and you are always more interested in the reason behind people’s behavior than the behavior itself.

If there’s something you truly appreciate, it is the beauty of the mind and that is why you accept only those who are true in their thoughts and pure in their actions.

You, therefore, choose the people who are as understanding and sorted as you yourself are.



If this is the image you chose then chances are that you are a person who is creative, sophisticated, and someone who thinks outside the box.

The skull shows a spark in the eyes and is covered with designs which have been intricately painted.

Your choice, therefore, reveals that there is a spark hidden in you, ready to burst into flames and your creative spirit is what will guide this flame to create something extraordinary.

Your soul and your mind are one in the creation and it is when you unleash your creative side that the world stops to look at you in awe!



If this is the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person who has multiple tastes and is multidimensional in personality.

The skull, above, shows a mix of spirituality, nature, and color fusing together to create beauty.

Your choice, therefore, reveals that you are the kind of person who can understand and manage multiple aspects of your life with equal ease and yet live in a way which is appreciated by others.

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You can adapt to any situation because your personality has multiple sides to it and yet you always remain yourself because that’s just who you are, by nature.


This is what your choice brings out about your personality and each of these traits mean something to some people more than they mean to others.

We are often attracted towards our own kind of people and our choices, here, were no different. It is also true that our choices vary with time and situations but overall, our personality traits do not change much and they truly reveal what we have in our minds.


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