This is What Your Birth Animal Reveals About Your Personality

Heres-what-your-birth-animal-reveals-about-your-personality.pngThe month of your birth determines, to a large extent, the kind of person you would be.

The behavior expected of people born in different months is associated with animals which signify the month through their own traits.

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Here, we reveal what your personality could be based on the month you were born in and the animal which represents it. 


#1 January: Dove

Dove.pngA fresh start, a new beginning, and hope, January kicks off the year for all of us and we all look forward to a great start to every year.

The Dove which stands for January signifies all of these traits and also determines the kind of person you may be.

If you were born in January, chances are that you are a peace loving and a kind-hearted person. You are someone who is in control of their emotions and understands others rather than judging them.

Calm and composed by nature, the one fact about you that stands out is that you are still as innocent as you were as a kid and your love is truly unconditional.


#2 February: Black Panther

Dove.pngPeople born in February could be mysterious and charming. There are very few creatures who inspire as much awe and fear as the black panther.

It is inherently a creature of mystery who lives in the shadows. A loner by nature, it is feared as much as it is respected.

Silent, watchful and deadly, there are so many shades of this creature that no one can ever say what’s on its mind.

If that’s not the very definition of mystery, then nothing is. chances are that you too are a person of inherent mystery, someone who is as much an enigma as this proud creature. 

On one hand, you fiercely protect the ones you love, but on the other hand, you can be brutal to those who threaten you.

‘You get what you deserve’, is how you deal with people. If they are good to you, you could be their best friend but if not, there’s little chance that they survive your anger. 


#3 March: Shark

Shark.pngPeople born in March are known for their knack to grab an opportunity and get the best out of it.

If you were born in March then like a shark, which attacks the moment it smells blood, you too know when the opportunity is ripe and go for the kill.

Ruthless, relentless and merciless, you are driven when it comes to your dreams and like a true shark, you answer to no one and are free to rain hell upon anyone who dares stand in your way.

A shark inspires awe and fear and when it comes to someone who threatens you, you aren’t afraid of baring your teeth and ripping them off, metaphorically.


#4 April: Stallion

Stallion.pngWild, strong and free, a Stallion is known for its free spirit and exploring nature. People born in April, share this trait with the stallion.

If you were born in April then chances are that you love exploring new things in life, be it places, foods, relationships or something entirely different.

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Your spirit cannot be trapped, as you already know, for freedom runs in your veins. And your inner-self is wild and strong.

People may try to tame you all they want but they know that you are the last person who could be reined in and that’s the beauty you carry in your soul.


#5 May: Wolf

1 / 1 – Wolf.pngPeople born in May closely resemble the traits of a wolf.

The wolf is a darling of the night, an ally of darkness and a child of demon itself.

But the fact is, a wolf never harms unless threatened first, it never attacks unless provoked and it never kills if it doesn’t have to.

A loner by nature, it is one of the most mysterious animals that exist, always hiding in the shadows, waiting for its victims to come within its range so that it can pounce on them and kill without prejudice.

Chances are that your personality is as complex, mysterious and dark as a wolf’s.

You too, like a wolf, never attack unprovoked and are gentle in life but you can be brutal if pushed to the extreme.

Most people would think, looking at you, that you are harmless and that they can take advantage of you, but when there are threats or provocations, you act swiftly and smartly.

Your loyalty, like a wolf, is for life but so is your rage when you’ve had enough.


#6 June: Tiger

Tiger.pngPeople born in June have traits that closely resembles that of a Tiger.

If you were born in June, chances are that you carry a ferocious soul inside.

You are the kind of person who knows how to fight and how to win, the kind of

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person who knows defeat but never accepts it till you overcome it and you’re the kind of person who does it all in style.

A tiger is not only a regal creature but also a fierce beast, not to be trifled with.

You may already know this about yourself but you are the kind of person who would protect but tear to bits, an opponent, the moment you sense a threat to your loved ones.

A true tiger is tenacious and never gives in and you know you are really close to this beast.


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