What is Your Spirit Animal? – TEST

spirit-animal-owlA spirit animal or totem is meant to be a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have.

A spirit animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to an individual. 

Other names might be animal guides, spirit helpers, spirit allies, power animals, or animal helpers. It is believed that you do not choose the animal, rather it chooses, or has already chosen you.

The animal is there to provide “medicine” to the recipient in the form of guidance, lessons, protection, power, or wisdom. Shamans worldwide have relied on the guidance, wisdom, and symbolism of spirit animals for thousands of years.

You can have one or several spirit animals throughout your lifetime. They can come in and out of our lives to give us guidance, teach us about ourselves, and help us maintain balance.

The timing and direction we are headed on our path, a specific occasion that may arise, phases of life, or tasks that need to be completed along our journey will dictate what animal steps forward to help.

An animal can bring us a message in several ways. We can physically cross paths with the animal, we can dream about it, it can visit us in our meditations, or we might have it as a pet.

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Your spirit animal often represents qualities and attributes that you may see in yourself.

On a base level, you want to understand the general vibe of the animal and look at it as an archetypal figure in your life; a symbolic representation of you.

You may never personally interact with your animal, like a tiger or whale. But pay attention to the details like specific behaviors, character traits, habitat, diet, social status. Are you group-oriented, a loner, nomadic, sedentary, etc.?

Have you ever wondered which animal best represents your soul/spiritual guide? Find out with this test or you can try our Simple Guide to Find Your Spirit Animal.

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