Butterflies are wonderful animals, a symbol of freedom and joy. The characteristics of your favorite butterfly (its shape, its colors) could reveal aspects of your life and your personality.

Our Experts at Zen Magazine bring you those aspects to you, so you can find so much more about your personality than you already knew and you can become an even greater and happier person than you already are.


So without thinking too much, observe the butterflies and immediately choose your favorite. Then discover its meaning.


1. Sensitive and generous:

You characterize yourself as an honest and loving person, who shows an authentic interest in others, easily putting yourself in the place of others and worrying (sometimes too much) for their needs, sometimes even forgetting yourself and your needs.

Although, there are a great happiness and joy in helping, remember that it is fundamental to start with yourself so that you can keep your light and your well-being.

Recognizing and accepting healthy limits in your life will do you a lot of good, it will make you feel much fuller and more satisfied with yourself.


2. Harmonious and peaceful:

You characterize yourself as an affable, serene, patient and receptive person. You try to maintain a beautiful harmony with life and transmit peace and tranquility to your social groups (family, friends, work, etc).

The excessive search for tranquility could lead you to stubbornly deny the existence of unpleasant situations and conflicts, generating episodes of apathy and intentional indifference.


Remember that every situation that occurs (however sad or annoying it may be) has a purpose for you, for this reason, your main challenge is to accept the events of life and flow with them to become a stronger, wiser person with genuine tranquility.


3. Talented:

You are characterized as an observant, logical and orderly person who likes things well done.

You feel the need to improve everything around you, you explain to others how to do things and you can get angry when the work of others does not meet your expectations. You could also become a compulsive worker, and that is exactly where your great challenge lies.

A little moderation in your life would be great for you. Establish spaces within your life to calm your agitated mind and put yourself at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Look at the sky for a few minutes, go for a walk or just to listen to your favorite song will do a lot of good to your mood and the quality of your work and your relationship with others will improve greatly.


4. Achievement-oriented:

You characterize yourself as a self-confident, energetic and hardworking person, qualities that help you excel in many aspects of life.

You can become afraid of failure, because most of your security is based on your achievements, and for this reason, you work hard (sometimes until stressed), which can affect your emotional and physical health.

Your main challenge is to learn to recognize that you are much more than your achievements, and accept that you are a wonderful person, full of unique natural talents and that those who really love you, love you for what you are, not for what you do or what you have.


This way your life will become much lighter, happier and more satisfying and you will be able to focus your talent and energy better on everything you want to be and everything you want to do.


5. Enthusiast:

You characterize yourself as a person who wants to be free, happy and fill your life with satisfying experiences. You fear boredom and monotony, and since you have many and very diverse skills and knowledge, you remain in constant movement and immersed in multiple activities at the same time, causing one of your biggest problems: the lack of constancy.

Your main challenge is to learn to manage your time and energy wisely. You would like to do many things at the same time, but that is impossible, it will affect your energy levels, your persona, and your credibility.

Learn to set priorities, work with schedules and other organizational methods and learn to say no (to others, and even to yourself) when you feel the need to do so. In this way, your life experiences will be much fuller, satisfying and happy.


6. Artist:

You are known for being a person with high levels of sensitivity, which makes you kind, empathic with others and above all creative. Your creativity allows you to build and reform, be it a physical space, a work of art, a job or a way of doing things.

Due to your high sensitivity, it is likely that sometimes you feel the need to isolate yourself to a quiet place, away from the world and its turmoil, these breaks will do a lot of good to your life, your work, your relationships with other people and connect with your true essence.

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