Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy hot tea, sweet cookies, evening readings, and curious personality tests. For example, this one will tell what kind of person you are.

There are six different types of leaves in front of you, you need to look at them and choose the one that you like the most.

Read what your choice says about you and your personality.

What kind of person are you?

1. Honest and Empathic

Honesty is the most important thing that every person needs, and for that reason, you always remain consistent to yourself, authentic, natural, and spontaneous.

You are really empathic with other people and you are living by the proverb: don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

Enough idealizes people and this is where your big challenge lies. It is important to believe, but it is also important to learn who and where you leave your trust.

The world is full of people who love and appreciate you, learn to recognize them and spend some quality time together with them.


2. Quiet and cautious

They describe you as a peaceful, cheerful and peaceful person. You always want peace and harmony in your world and your life, and for that reason, you avoid any confrontation (sometimes such behavior leads to apathy) and you are often an intermediary when conflicts arise in your environment.

You spend a lot of time thinking and planning your future, and that is why your main challenge is to learn to believe. You are the gardener of your life and you always attract the people around you with love.

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Your future depends on what you are doing right now, you need to surround yourself with love and goodness, and to allow your life to blossom with the gifts it has been giving you.


3. Affectionate and loyal

You are a noble person, always ready to help others without looking for something in return. For this reason, we would like to remind you that everything you do from the bottom of your heart will always return to you ten times more.

Here is an advice for you: remain persistent in your goodness and you will see how your life will grow and you will be a happier person with each and every day.


4. Strict and methodical

You are an intelligent, rational, and very valuable person. You don’t like improvisation and for this reason, you always commit to give your maximum and try to comply with the rules in the best possible way.

Your primary challenge is to understand that it’s possible that you have too many expectations when it comes to your business and that you live in a constant quest for perfection, which will ultimately lead to exhaustion.

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You are a natural talent, trying to do things perfect and better with every try, but don’t let your obsession for perfection follow you and prevent you from enjoying the beautiful fruits of your work today.


5. Fast and decisive

You know very well what you want to achieve in life and what you need to do it. When you find something, you do it without rest, with love, will, and dedication until you realize the goal, crossing all obstacles.

Your extreme orientation to success could make you a bit distracted and distant from other people, and this is where your great challenge lies. Remember that we are all students and teachers.

No encounter is a coincidence, you have something to learn from every person who comes into your life and you have something to teach every person who enters your life.

When you understand that, your life will become more intense, and yet easier and happier.


6. Extreme and impulsive

You are one cheerful person, with the characteristic of accepting great risks and a special interest in all new adventures: travel, new jobs, new experiences, etc.

You fit very well into various stories and activities, although they may not have anything to do with each other. You live your life very intensely, and that is why you have way too many obligations.

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That’s where your challenge lies. Manage your time and energy better. It’s important to set priorities and to organize your time better so that you don’t leave your duties unfinished.

When you succeed in that, the days will be more productive and you will be more satisfied and happier.



Source: zen-magazine


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