Darkness And Light: A Journey To Extremes

Darkness-And-Light-A-Journey-To-Extremes.jpgDo we truly understand the darkness and the light? The yin and the yang? The balance and the extremes? Have you truly experienced this in a way that has forever altered the way you look at things?

I used to think that I had a deep understanding of both sides and the need for balance and non-judgement, but I recently had a meditation that has left me forever changed.

Simply put, I felt and understood that I am both all darkness and all light and that I embodied the extremes of both with great clarity.

Stay with me – I know this doesn’t sound like a revelation yet.

Even though I have had this understanding for years, this time it was different.

This time – I knew what it felt like to be ALL darkness and ALL light.


Here’s how it happened:

I started my meditation by clearing out fear, in all its forms, from my energetic, spiritual and physical body. For me, it is crucial that I don’t forget this step or I find myself hindered and uncertain – seemingly unable to ‘connect.’

After releasing fear and cleansing my chakras, my energetic field started vibrating faster as I reached a higher level of consciousness.

When I reached the level that Dr. Joe Dispenza likes to call, “no-one, no-time, no-place, no-thing,” I started to see the energy connection between everything in the Universe.

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At first it was very simplistic – one person to another person to another – but it grew exponentially until I saw the whole of humanity connected by this energetic force.

Then, I was in space and I saw the connections multiply to the Sun, stars, and planetary bodies with all of their inhabitants – then further still, until all I could see was something that looked like the image below with constant flashes of light all over.

After I marveled at what I was seeing, I started to feel the connection.

This is when I started to truly understand that because we are all one, sharing one Divine consciousness, that I am the worst of all things, and I am the best of all things. I am the darkness and I am the light.

I started to feel what it was like to be embodied by darkness completely. Tears started streaming down my face, the vibrations grew, and my soul proclaimed loudly in my mind, the words reverberating through my energy fields:

I am the rapist… I am the terrorist… I am the molester… I am the murderer. I am filled with greed, perversion, envy, rage, hatred, and most of all darkness.

I am energetic food for the entities that dwell in this dark place, an easy target – my soul taken over by this force that I cannot fight.

Locked in a continual war within myself; when I feel a whiff of the light pass by me, my anger grows…and my expression goes even darker.

For I long to be in the light and my spirit leaps within me when its presence is felt. But, it frightens me; and instead I burrow deeper…trapped in a dark prison that I helped construct.

I felt what it was like to be each and every one of these horrible expressions of humanity. I felt what is was like to have the understanding that I am darkness.

I felt all of the shame, guilt, judgement, and vileness of my own self, and instead of confronting it; I embraced it – I reveled in it, my spirit lifeless within me.

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I was a construct of my own horrors, seen and unseen. Imprisoned in darkness, not realizing that the key to set me free was available at any time – if I only chose to seek it.

In a few moments of deep reflection, I understood that even those who are full of darkness – who embody the worst traits of mankind – still have a chance to embrace the light.

I extended my sincerest sympathy to the monsters of this world, sending light, love, and healing to them – for in my realization, I knew that deep abuse and trauma has a large part to play in these dark forces that grip tightly.

Scientists now know that trauma and abuse affects us on a physical, mental, and spiritual/energetic level. These experiences change our brains and affect our immune system and the energy biofields of the body.

On top of that, these traumatic experiences can imprint directly onto our DNA, changing its structure and allowing this new information to be passed down to the next generation.

A lot of us are still carrying around the energetic imprint of our ancestors as well as the collective human consciousness.

From this lifetime and all through the ages, the collective consciousness of humanity has left its energetic and biological imprint on each and every one of us. I believe this is part of the great Karmic cycle of our planet at its current density.

The monsters of this world are caught in a cycle that they don’t know how to escape. They have experienced abuse and trauma and know, on some level, that they are indeed monsters.

If they can break free from the darkness, I believe their gift to humanity will be the ability to transmute darkness into light as only they can truly understand the depths of such darkness.

As all this information flowed to me in a cosmic download, I wept again for truly understanding that I am part of this darkness through the unified Divine field, and I felt love swell up inside my heart.

Suddenly, my vision shifted to the light and I saw the most beautiful human souls embodied here on Earth right now, radiating light in a spectrum that was magnificent.

My spirit melded with these beings of light and love until I became all light and love. I felt the glorious peaceful bliss that was the direct result of my higher consciousness being in full control of my vessel here on Earth.

I could feel the connection to all things so easily, and my heart was sending out waves of love-filled energy, piercing through the veil of darkness – a beam of bluish-white light reaching towards the heavens and into the Earth.

At once, I knew that even though I am not where I want to be spiritually right now, that I have already experienced what it is like to be fully embodied by the light.

Dr. Rollin McCraty of the HeartMath Institute has been researching the power of the heart (heart-coherence) since 1991. What his research has shown is that when the heart is fully open to the Divine field of consciousness, it connects with the brain, and this combined energy can literally create and manifest anything.

When we are in heart-brain coherence, we are operating out of Divine Love and therefore will only manifest that which serves the greater good. This is an incredibly powerful understanding of love.


It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift

At the end of the meditation, I was shown a global effort to attain a synchronized heart-brain coherence meditation, and it was so powerful that it ushered the Earth into the next dimension.

I saw this as pulses of energy that started in spots around the Earth and grew in intensity, merging with one another until a huge wave burst forth and sent shockwaves throughout the entire planet.

Billions of people carried a high enough vibration that they stepped into the next dimension with the ones who brought it into existence.

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I felt this was a clear call to action for awakened ones everywhere.

It is not enough for us to have a global meditation (though this practice is beneficial and important). We must be trained in how to affect our heart-brain coherence so that millions of people can hold the same intent in the same vibration at the same time.

Then we can truly change the world.

I leave you with this…let’s talk about how to make this happen. Let’s continue to spread knowledge, awareness, and love to every human being we encounter.

Let’s train harder in our daily practices – and connect with those who share the same vision of the future.

If you are reading this, then you are part of this vision. You are part of the global movement to raise the consciousness of humanity and planet Earth.

Meditate on what I have shared with you and when you get confirmation that it’s Truth, let’s figure out how to make this a reality – and change the world together.


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