7 Ways to Detox Your Bedroom For Good Feng Shui


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Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the world, and in feng shui it’s thought to be the room of love, too. It’s the space where we tend to spend the most time at home—even if we’re sleeping for a lot of those hours. The sounds, scents, lights, and textures of the room all have profound impacts on us, even as we’re snoozing.

I’m a strong believer that crafting your best life always starts with clear space. Here’s a simple, feng-shui-approved bedroom detox that will refresh and support your body, mind, and spirit:

Let go of the clutter.

Even in your closets! In feng shui, clutter represents every little bit of stress, stagnant energy, and heaviness that is overwhelming you. You don’t need that anywhere in your home—especially not your bedroom.

Detox your detergents.

Lots of commercial detergents and fabric softeners contain chemicals that have been found to be potential allergens, hormone disrupters, and even carcinogens. Switching to a biodegradable, nontoxic detergent for your sheets is a big positive move for your health and the health of the planet.

Wash and dust frequently.

It’s a harsh reality that our bedrooms are usually filled with dust and allergens. Pillows, comforters, mattresses, and drapes can acquire dust mites, so I recommend washing them frequently and investing in some cotton dust mite covers.

I also take my duvet to an eco-friendly cleaner every once in a while for a more thorough refresh. HEPA air filters can also be game-changing when it comes to cleaning the air while you sleep.

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Add some white noise.

Noise pollution is a big bedroom no-no as it can shake us out of the deep sleep we’re after. Introducing background noise with a small fan, a white noise machine, or even a white noise playlist can help wash out some of those disruptions and create a more relaxing, inviting sleep space.

Make it a tech-free zone.

EMFs emitted from electronics have been shown to reduce our melatonin levels in some cases and therefore mess with our sleep. These magnetic fields (and the devices they come from) have also been linked to anxiety, stress, and lowered immunity.

Try turning your electronic devices off while you sleep or, even better, leaving them out of the bedroom altogether. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, leave it on airplane mode and put it far from your bed. (This will force you to actually get out of bed to press snooze if you’re prone to sleeping in, too!)

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Add some greenery.

Houseplants can be great for eliminating bedroom toxins, but I recommend using them in small doses. In feng shui, plants carry an active energy, and bedrooms are restful spaces, so if you feel the need for a little greenery, keep it intentional and limited to a plant or two.

Some great bedroom detoxing plants include spider plants, golden pothos (I love hanging these in baskets), peace lilies, and bamboo palms. Make sure you tend to these with care so they are a source of thriving, healthy energy.

Find a nontoxic candle you love.

Scented candles may look and smell great, but they can release some less-than-amazing chemicals if you’re not careful. In fact, Andrew Sledd, a pediatrician with a specialty in environmental toxicology, believes that burning a scented candle for an hour can be as harmful to your body as smoking one cigarette.

For me and some of my clients, even “eco-friendly” candles with artificial fragrances can cause migraines. Look for unscented, clean-burning candles or ones made with pure essential oils instead. Pure beeswax ones are always amazing!

Bonus: Pay attention to the energy!

Negative energy can quickly get tangled in your bedroom. You know what they say: Never go to bed angry. Fill your space with positivity by opening the windows (even if just when you’re making your bed in the morning), burning an herbal bundle, or diffusing some refreshing essential oils.

Enjoy your bedroom sanctuary-making and all the love it brings to your days!

This article was originally written/published by Designer & Feng Shui Master, Dana Claudat, of MindBodyGreen


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