Find Your Shadow Moon Name And Read Your Personality

Find-Your-Shadow-Moon-Name-And-Read-Your-Personality-1.jpgThe Zodiac has a deep impact on your personality and general direction in life, and while some people don’t really believe in it, there are undeniable themes that seem to be true more often than not.

While the normal Zodiac deals with the movements of the sun, the movements of the moon can have just as much impact.

Most astrologers study the impact of the moon on human experience through something called the Shadow Moon name, which is a series of standardized names related to each month and each day of the month.

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To determine your Shadow Moon name, simply find the month you were born for the first half, then find the day you were born for the second half. For instance, if you were born on December 31st, your Shadow Moon name would be Oak Alchemist. Locate your own birth month and day to find your Shadow Moon name.


First, start with your birth month:

January – Ancient

You’re a natural leader with a deep connection to those closest to you.

February – Snow

You can easily help others start fresh and move past pain from the past.

March – Sugar

You have lofty goals brought about by a desire to create.

April – Pink

This is the color of love and romance, which drives you deeply.

May – Flower

As a source of creation and production, you can accomplish anything.

June – Strawberry

You are adept at putting in the effort necessary to reap rewards.

July – Buck

You keep a fine balance between responsibilities and enjoyment.

August – Red

You work well with others and have a deep connection with nature.

September – Harvest

You are highly intuitive and connect with spirituality very easily.

October – Blood

You are deeply thankful for the abundance that life has given you.

November – Dark

Darkness hides your true potential, but that doesn’t stop you from working hard.

December – Oak

The strength you exhibit allows you to survive through even the harshest winters.


Next, select your birth date:

1st – Leader

Leadership and confidence are natural for you.

2nd – Diplomat

You constantly seek an unrealistically perfect balance.

3rd – Enthusiast

You approach life with a positive attitude.

4th – Reliable

Others can always count on you for help.

5th – Socialiser

Communication is one of your strongest traits.

6th – Lover

Your main goal is to find a partner.

7th – Visionary

Your intuition is more powerful than others.

8th – Blaze

You get things done and set fire to anything in your way.

9th – Genius

You can find solutions for any problem.

10th – Transmuter

You love to find new ways to do things.

11th – Equalizer

You are excellent at deescalating conflict.

12th – Catalyst

Anything you touch is improved by your drive.

13th – Winner

You never settle for anything but first place.

14th – Traveller

Exploration calls you to see the world.

15th – Enchanter/Enchantress

You have a truly magnetic personality that others love.

16th – Outlander

Your wide perspective pushes you to the boundaries of society.

17th – Gift

Nothing is out of your reach if you try.

18th – Inspiration

You are good at helping others find their talents.

19th – Achiever

You are constantly moving to get things done.

20th – Empath

You can feel the emotions of others around you.

21st – Grace

Your otherworldly communication skills are nearly magical.

22nd – Calibrator

You balance intellect and intuition to succeed optimally.

23rd – Medium

You are a bridge between this world and the next.

24th – Nurturer

You can’t help but nurture those around you.

25th – Guide

You give amazingly helpful advice for life.

26th – Force

Nothing can stop you once you set your mind on something.

27th – Analyst

Your analytical skills give you an unbiased outlook.

28th – Risk-Taker

You aren’t intimidated by risks in life.

29th – Counselor

You never judge while offering general life advice.

30th – Charisma

Your entertaining personality makes you the center of attention.

31st – Alchemist

You can turn negatively into positivity with no effort.

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Spread the word so others can learn about their Shadow Moon name, and leave any opinions you might have here.


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