How to Create More Potential for Yourself

How-to-Create-More-Potential-for-Yourself.jpgUnlock Your Potential Today

The possibilities in life are limitless but only if you allow yourself to stretch and grow in new ways.

If you feel like you’re stuck, need a change or just want to explore what else is possible, remember that you’re the captain of your own ship.

You have the power to create new paths for yourself, or more potential, whether those paths are career paths, love paths or spiritual paths.

You control your future! 

Discover new places you can take your life and feel a sense of pride as you steer your course. The following five actions are what you can do right now to create more potential for yourself.


1. Brainstorm New Avenues

First, you’ve got to know where you can go before you embark on that journey. Therefore, examine your life as it is and then allow yourself to freely imagine its potential.

Meditate, journal, build a vision board—whatever you need to do to mentally or physically ruminate on the possibilities. As you brainstorm, don’t worry so much just yet about what would be doable financially or within the constraints of your current life.

Simply allow yourself to dream without censorship. After you’ve come up with as many ideas as possible, you can narrow down your thoughts into what would be realistic.


2. Rediscover Your Passions

As part of your brainstorm, or separately, you might think about some of the activities you used to love or the aspirations you once had. Did you dream of becoming a published author?

Did you want to go to culinary school or become a certified diver? Rediscover your passions and think about whether they might be possible to achieve today.

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Do they have potential? Following a passion is always a worthwhile path to take but often we forget what makes us light up inside when we get stuck in a job or a routine.


3. Be a Yes Person

If you find that you hesitate when trying something new or make excuses every time an interesting opportunity comes up, flip the conversation and be a yes person instead.

Saying yes when you usually say no is an easy way to instantly create more potential in your own life, especially the unexpected kind. I know it can be scary, but the growth you’ll achieve will be worth it!


4. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Part of creating more potential in your life is stretching outside the limits of what feels comfortable to you.

Oftentimes, we turn down invitations or don’t try new things out of fear of the unknown or because we don’t like challenging the status quo.

Be okay with getting uncomfortable, even if it scares you a little bit. If you need an extra push, recruit a friend, partner, family member or whoever you trust to join you.

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Together, you can certainly go down a new path and learn something new about yourselves.


5. Connect With Potential Mentors and Guides

A key way to discover new potential is to connect with those who have already gone down the road you’d like to travel.

You can look up interesting people (from gurus to yoga teachers to world travelers, etc.) on Instagram to get a taste of their everyday lives.

True, many people’s accounts don’t show all the aspects of their journeys. However, there are a number of people online who know how to keep it real.

On the flip side, you may already have a mentor in mind for yourself whom you know personally or could connect with through friends. Muster the courage to ask this person out for a coffee to discuss the potential new paths your life could take.


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