How to Find Your Life Path Number and What it Says About You

How to Find Your Life Path Number and What it Says About YouLife Path Number 5

You thrive on freedom and adventure and always seem to have enough energy. You are naturally intelligent and optimistic as you are curious by nature and love to observe others. You are a chameleon of sorts and can fit yourself comfortably into any situation or event.

freedom and adventureYou make friends easily and you love to travel or spend time outdoors. You are a strong individual and have the ability to find your way around difficult situations in life. You may find that in life you are constantly on the move or you never truly stay settled for a long period of time. At times you can lack consistency and can be irresponsible.

You are also known for making impulsive decisions that can sometimes lead you astray. You do well in creative and imaginative fields and love learning about new cultures. You are destined to be adaptive and to go with the flow of life, rather than trying to ride against it.

You are an explorer at heart and thrive from trying new things and opening yourself up to new experiences. You must learn to trust yourself and go in the direction of your calling. Because of your adaptable nature you are likely to change careers and directions often- learn to accept this and go with the wind.


Life Path Number 6

You are driven by your family and have a strong sense of justice. You are a natural mediator and have the ability to see both sides. You are often the go to person during disagreements and you know exactly the right thing to say at the right time.

family personYou crave peace and harmony in your home environment and can feel out of sorts or threatened if otherwise. You always aim to make those around you happy and your are known for being self-less and very giving. You are knowledgeable and tend to learn best from experience. You are also very creative and may also have a fascination with history or collectibles.

You tend to take on a lot of responsibilities within the home and family and it is often your top priority to ensure they are all ok. You are a natural humanitarian and would make an excellent care giver. At times you can be obsessive and a hypochondriac. You may also have a hard time letting go of the past and forgiving those who betrayed you.

You are destined to support and encourage others using your genuine and natural caregiving abilities. While you tend to shy away from the world, know that you hold a great power and strength to achieve your desires. You are an expressive and nurturing soul and will always feel guided when you are connected to this energy.


Life Path Number 7

You are a deep thinker and an introvert. You are not afraid to dig deep to uncover the truth however, you rarely talk about your findings. While you are quiet, you are also highly observant and rarely take what others say to heart.

 deep thinker and an introvertYou like to do your own research and find it hard to trust others. While you have the natural ability to delve deep into your subconscious, you can struggle to let things go and may find it challenging to forgive others. You are philosophical in nature and are often guided to help others who are struggling.

You may also have psychic or strong intuitive gifts, or a natural healing ability. Some people may not understand you, but those who do love to be in your company. You often have very strong friendships and may even feel a past life connection to others. You are approachable, understanding and love to work in a creative field. Any obstacles on your path are usually solved using your philosophical or intuitive nature.

At times you can be too dreamy or out of touch with reality. Others may interpret your introverted nature as being rude or cold. You can also be indecisive and are prone to anxiety.

You are destined to learn through your intuitive awareness. You are a natural soul seeker and crave a deeper understanding to life. You will find solace and ease in life when you look within and explore things beneath the surface.


Life Path Number 8

You are born with the gifts of prosperity and power. You have a strong and keen ability to get ahead in life and when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. You thrive on prosperity and success, especially in your career.

gifts of prosperity and powerYou are also highly instinctual and when you use this ability, everything seems to fall into place. You have an understanding of both the material and spiritual world. You are also very charitable and love to give back. You are productive, agile and are very sympathetic to those around you. You are courageous and rarely allow fear to stand in your way.

At times you can be stubborn and when out of balance, you can also use your power to control and manipulate. You are highly disciplined and expect others to be the same.

You are destined to step into a power position in this life time, but with great power comes great responsibility. You are gifted with the ability to step into a power role and to be prosperous because of it. Learning to balance the material and spiritual world will be a challenge for you, but through finding this balance you achieve personal satisfaction and harmony.


Life Path Number 9

You are sensitive to others and your surroundings. You love being in nature and surrounded by beautiful or creative things. You are also highly intuitive and may have the ability to sense what others are thinking and feeling.

sensitive to others and your surroundingsYou are drawn to the esoteric sides of life and crave a deeper understanding of the world around you. You can be dismissive of the material life and are drawn to explore and move with the flow of the Universe.

You are a romantic at heart and can sometimes lose yourself in your relationships. Because you are sensitive to others, your emotions can be up and down and at times, you may feel overwhelmed or even depressed. You are caring at heart and are always there to help if needed however, you are an independent soul and may not always be there when needed.

You can be easily deceived however, you are always protected and you may find that you float through life’s challenges. You are destined to lead a deep and at times, challenging life. Through these challenges however, you will always feel guided and protected. You are powerful at your core but shy away from material possessions. You are a compassionate and intuitive soul.

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