How to Find Your Life Path Number and What it Says About You

How to Find Your Life Path Number and What it Says About YouMaster or Power Numbers

These indicate greater challenges in life but also greater rewards.


Life Path Number 11

You are a spiritual messenger in this life time and are destined to discover and tap into the deeper parts of your soul. At times you can be difficult to understand and you may have a hard time communicating with others.

spiritual messengerYou are highly ambitious and are driven by your goals and dreams. You are independent and rarely take the guidance or advice of others. You are brave and positive but underneath it all, you are very sensitive. At times your self-doubt can get the better of you, but eventually, in your own time you come around. In fact, you can be very headstrong and can sometimes close yourself off to the signs and guidance around you.

You have a hard time dealing with failure and are prone to depression and stress. There may be a strong need for partnership in this life, and when not in a relationship feelings of loneliness could ensue.

You are destined to deliver a spiritual message in this lifetime through being yourself and aligning with your purpose. You may feel a struggle between your ambitions and your doubts, but by developing your confidence this can be appeased. You have a strong intuition and ability to create and invent. You are fated to walk a courageous path in this lifetime, so step up to the plate and see where the road will take you.


Life Path Number 22

You are a builder and architect of the Universe. You have a strong potential to implement your ideas and turn your dreams into a bigger reality.

builder and architect of the UniverseYou are also blessed with a strong intuition but also a practical sensibility. This allows you to not only dream big but also lay down the foundations to making it a reality. Life may tend to throw you situations in the extreme, but know that you have the strength and courage to construct a solution.

You have a natural ability to cooperate and understand others and you are definitely a mediator and peacekeeper at heart. At times however, you can struggle to allow others to help you and you may also find that you make ignorant or hasty decisions.

You are destined to take your goals and dreams and turn them into actions that will help better the world. You are a global visionary and working alongside others, you can create whatever you desire.


Life Path Number 33

You are a master teacher with an analytical mind and keen sense of intuition. You are gifted with the ability of being able to teach and guide others using your own principles and way of thinking.

builder and architect of the UniverseYou are an extremely generous soul and are tapped into the emotions and feelings of others. You have a strong sense of justice and have a genuine care and concern for those less fortunate.

You are a strong leader and love to create your own path, not just for your own success but for the success of those around you as well. Your biggest challenges are in focusing on your emotions and your own path, instead of being attached to others and trying to help them. They also need to learn that they can’t be everything to everyone. Your lesson will be in learning how to balance your emotions, the material world and the spiritual world.

You are destined to help inspire and teach others on a huge global scale. Your energy is strong and works on a Universal level, this means that your teachings have the power to effect many people for generations to come. You need to protect and strengthen your energy and focus on your own emotional health.


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