Pick One of These Ancient Symbols and Something About Your Present Will Be Revealed


Each of them possesses an emotional charge, which is connected to the present of the person who picks it.

To go on with this test, all you have to do is to pick one ancient symbol and some information about your present will be divulged.


Option 1: The “North Star”

It is recommended that you stop delaying that plan you’ve been putting off.

Now is the perfect time to work for that vision you’ve had for a long period of time. Focus on how to attain it and envision it as brightly as conceivable. In that way, you’ll make it a reality.


Option 2: The “Trinity”

You’re positioned at a crossroads for one simple reason: right now, there’s a resilient stimulus over you. It’s an external energy, which is pushing you to do or decide something that you’re still not persuaded about.

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It is advised for you to contemplate and think about the consequences of any choice you make. You’ll see that by dealing with the concerns with a cool head and clean heart, you’ll find the best way out of this problem.


Option 3: The “Magic”

Have you ever sensed that things are occurring to you “nearly by magic”? In this moment of your life, there are uncountable blessings, pouring down on you.

Even if you can’t perceive them, people around you can, and they’re dying to join you on that track! Don’t worry, learn to savor the moment, cast your fears away, and open up to the opportunities that fortune is giving you.


Option 4: The “Spinning Wheel”

Are you living the way you wanted to? If the answer is certainly not, then it’s time to make imaginative changes, since the energy is there for us to make it work in our favor.

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If the answer is yes, then all you have to do is attend to your instinct, since positive things are already lining up to become a portion of your life.


Option 5: The Hindu “Om”

As of this moment; maybe, you find yourself looking for an answer or result: you have to keep in mind that you have to thank the universe for receiving what you wish.

Though you don’t get it, there is still a reason to be thankful, because sometimes, we only appreciate later on that something we desired so much would have turned out to be an awful thing. Don’t forget to be thankful to yourself for your moral deeds and the life around you.


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