Solar Eclipse + SuperMoon are Coming! Powerful “Duo” for a Big Life Change!

Solar Eclipse + New Moon is Coming! Powerful “Duo” for a Big Life Changes!

In 2016 we expect two solar and three lunar eclipses. The first of this list will be a total solar eclipse on March 9, 2016. The duration of the maximum phase of eclipse will be 4 minutes and 9 seconds.


The eclipse will occur in the zodiacal sign of Pisces. From the perspective of astrology Pisces symbolizes the collective unconscious and in this ocean dissolves the personal consciousness of each individual.


This means that the vibrations of the sign Pisces will allow everyone to feel in themselves  the divine presence and will enable you to touch your Higher Self.eclipse


The sign Pisces is under the management of the planet Neptune, which has the fame of great mystifier and is responsible for intuition, art, religious feelings and secrets. In Pisces sign, eclipse brings a very emotional character. All important endeavors are good to be postponed, because the developments can be unpredictable.

At the same time the New Moon(in this case a supermoon because it will be in the closest point to earth) will play not an insignificant role. The moon is associated primarily with emotions and health. New moon always brings renewal and eclipse program relies on a new cycle that will be implemented until the next such phenomenon.


It is appropriate to assume that the solar eclipse will be the starting point for a new period and emotional physical reset. At this time , you can modify your lifestyle to correct daily activities and to start  good nutritional habits.


New Moon, reinforced by the solar eclipse allows you to set a personal program, to “program” your future. With the wave of this powerful cosmic energy you can climb to a higher level in every area.


It is helpful to use the eclipse in Pisces sign, for programming the subconscious. This is one of the most favorable zodiac signs, that influence of a deep emotional and subconscious level. You can use visualizations, meditations and hypnotherapy.




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