The Spiritual Nature of Addiction

The Spiritual Nature of AddictionAddiction is something that can affect every single person, not just those that are spiritual. The root of this problem can often seem hard to understand but spirituality can be at the base of this. In this article, we’ll be exploring the spiritual nature of addiction and why this poses such a risk.

Every person in the world is looking for a spiritual connection, whether that’s consciously or unconsciously. When this need goes unanswered, the individual can then seek out other methods by which to numb this need. This could be turning to alcohol or drugs to be able to deal with this lack in their lives.

spiritual-addictionThis is effectively a form of self-medication that is destructive physically, mentally and spiritually. This kind of problem only compounds and gets worse, as the dependence on the substance takes over all areas of the individual. They soon lose sight of what’s important and their spiritual health often gets left aside.

Any kind of addiction can come along in this kind of way, whether it’s chronic drug abuse or an alcohol dependency.

Spirituality mostly takes place on a subconscious level, as does addiction. The individual doesn’t have to be aware of this lacking in their life or what they are doing to solve it. Even people who are not spiritual can feel this absence, though they will be less likely to figure out what it is from.

Spirituality can be the main reason for addiction or just a contributing factor. This must be taken on an individual basis, as each case is different.

These problems can be assessed by a practitioner of ESP, if they are in tune with current research. Spiritual research is usually reserved for those with a saint level.

Those under this level may be able to divine some features of the problem but you should be careful with attempting this as it may make the problem worse if you do not know what you are doing.

If you are seeking some form of professional treatment through rehabilitation programs for drug addiction then you may want to look for one that has a spiritual aspect. Traveling to an addiction treatment center can prove to be instrumental in successfully beating an addiction.

You don’t want to end up going to a center that will not address your spiritual needs as this will prove ineffective in the long term.

spiritual-addictionPrayer, meditation and serenity can prove to be a great path towards sobriety. These mindful tactics will change the way that you feel in many aspects of your life, not just those that correspond to addiction.

This kind of spirituality can bring a lot of positivity into your day to day life and fill in the absence that you may be feeling.

There are so many ways that you can bring spirituality into your life and use it to improve it. You don’t have to spend endless hours meditating but you can do this if you wish to change things more quickly.

This can go alongside a psychological treatment as well as a physical one to tackle all three dimensions of the issue at once.

Those who undertake past life regression can find out the ways that these dependencies have been a cause of their previous lives. In this way, there’s not a root within the individual but in their previous lives.

This type of addiction means that the individual is not at fault and that they must use spiritual cleansing to fix it.

spiritual-addicitonThe clean living attitude that many people adopt with their quest for spirituality can also be very helpful in the treatment of an addiction.

Abstaining from alcohol and drugs is common within the spiritual community, as some believe that being under the influence makes it harder to connect with the spiritual world.

In this case, it’s almost a trade between spirituality and being under the influence, something that a lot of spiritual people do not want to give up.

Addiction as a whole is a complex subject with a lot of different causes and effects in each individual case. This can make it hard to treat but if you wish to undertake treatment then be sure to pay attention to your spiritual side too.


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Author: Linda Thompson


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