Today is November 11 Here Is The Spiritual Significance Of The Most Meaningful Point Of The Year!

Today-is-November-11-Here-Is-The-Spiritual-Significance-Of-The-Most-Meaningful-Point-Of-The-Year-1.jpgIt is the 11th day of the 11 month, November 11 is a vibrational and powerful day.

1111 or 11/11 holds some special spiritual significance. It is believed to be the number of spiritual awakenings, as well as powerful new beginnings.

When you frequently see 11:11 at the clock or when you are drawn to the number 1111, it usually indicates some upcoming change or awakening which is on the horizon for you.

The angels, spirit guides, as well as the Universe also use numbers as a way of connecting and communicating with people. 11:11 is a commonly used number by Divine beings, in order to point us in the right direction. And to illuminate the path which is ahead for us.

Therefore, November 11 is a powerful time for making changes in our lives. To set intentions or to dig deeper in order to discover the truth.

On this day, new awakenings, new information, as well as new levels of enlightenment are all possible, because of this energy.

November 11 may also help inspire you, in order to think bigger, as well as to start thinking about what you want in this new chapter.

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This day is also an astrologically significant day, because of the energy of the planet Venus. This planet is considered the feminine goddess of the zodiac, and her energy will be particularly strong on November 11 as well.

This planet is going to be helping us to open our hearts and see things from a place of unconditional love rather than fear.

In fact, the potential energy that Venus has is also going to support our awakening to the infinite potential of our soul and the magic within.

The energy of the planet Venus is also going to support us to think with our hearts instead of our heads. To open up to the possibility of unconditional love for all beings.

Romance, as well as creativity, is also going to be high on this day. This energy will also carry us all through the rest of the week.

This powerful feminine energy is going to help all of us, both men and women, to embrace our inner goddess. To find the beauty, joy or optimism in life once again.

If life has been feeling sluggish for you, or if you have been feeling sick and tired of the same old thing, this date is definitely going to bring a breath of fresh air for you.

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In order to use the energy of this date to your advantage, you will have to activate it. You also have to open your heart to energy and welcome in the vibration of some new beginnings.

Set your alarm for 11:11 on November 11. Set new intentions, affirmation or do a heart opening exercise. This will help you awaken to whatever messages you need to hear.

November 11 is a good day for reaching out your angels and spirit guides for divine inspiration.


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