Which Mountain Would You Explore? Your Choice Reveals Your True Soul Power



Take a moment to look at each of these mountain landscapes, and imagine which one you would like to go explore. Picture yourself strolling along the mountainside, climbing among the rocks or grass, and embracing the scenery.

Which one calls to you? The answer can reveal you’re true soul power. Remember to let us know if we nailed it!

MOUNTAIN A: Luscious Growth

You crave growth and expansion and all its glory. Maybe your soul is a little weary of the humdrum and ordinary. Life has much to offer, you know this in your heart. It is fertile with possibilities but perhaps you have had difficulties conceiving how you can best tap into this abundance.

You want to break free.

All the freedom you seek is within you. Imagine sitting on top of this luscious mountain. You are alone, with only your internal voice for company.

Push aside all distractions and allow yourself to dream. What fertile thoughts filter into your head? Maybe even cause your heart to race. Is it to do something, go somewhere, connect with someone?

Or maybe, you’re already aware of a desire and have just been doubting yourself.

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Typically, this is where I’d quote people who managed to do amazing things, despite their circumstances. But I know that won’t help. You know you can do what you want, but you let your mind block you from believing it.

As you sit on top of this mountain, can you feel the block lift? It is just YOU and nature. Here you can be who and what you want to be. No stress, no worries about anyone else. The world is far away.

Remember this feeling, the freedom. All the freedom you seek is within you.


MOUNTAIN B: Magical Land

Welcome to La La Land.

You have chosen to walk in a mythical mountain range where unicorns run wild and everyone has the magical ability to manifest anything they want.

Has someone been telling you (or maybe it’s you telling you) to ‘get real?’

Who do you think you are? They say. Did you really believe you could?

Let me give it to you straight, from the unicorn’s mouth. Sure, there are times we need to ‘get real’.

But a life without hope or a sprinkle of magic is a sad one indeed. Your soul aspires to walk in this mystical blue mountain range for a reason. Sometimes life can’t be measured in pounds, dollars or euros. Sometimes we need to allow our soul to wander, to be inspired – because it is then that we truly have the chance to experience a magical life.


MOUNTAIN C: Highs And Lows

Only a few of you will choose to explore this peaky mountain range. It’s sheer cliffs, deep ravines and dark shadows are only for the brave.

You are brave. You have the heart of a lion. Perhaps you just need to be reminded of this.

Whatever hardships you have endured, you – more than anyone – can discover a way to turn those experiences into something meaningful. Perhaps by self-growth, or by helping others.

Your life has been designed by higher powers in such a way as to ensure you discover a greater purpose. A special role, either within your family or the greater community at large.

If you notice, the sun is peeking over the top of the mountain. A new dawn is approaching, you are gaining a better understanding of who you are, and why you are so special.


It may have taken time, but some things just can’t be rushed.


MOUNTAIN D: Calm Waters

You have chosen the mountains of peace and tranquility.

Perhaps this is an unconscious plea from your soul to ‘slow down’, to etch more time out for yourself. To pray or meditate and commune with the spirit world.

Or maybe you’re already doing this? If so, it is a sign that your efforts are working, the connection is developing and deepening. This can take time. As you can see from this picture, there is no sense of rush. It is quite timeless – out of time, not related to time.

Allow your eye to follow the mountains, can you see at the center point of the picture, the mountains curve out of sight? They are suggesting more beauty ‘around the corner’.

The deeper you go with your prayers or meditation now, the more amazing the gift which awaits you. Stay patient, remember time has no meaning here.


Source: mysticalraven.


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