10 foods and drinks that will boost your vibrations

As we know the body is a tool of the soul. Without a body, we can not accomplish the mission which the soul has taken before incarnation.
The instrument of the soul – our body obeys the laws which apply on this planet. It needs fuel to function properly. From the purpose of the soul depends what fuel is adequate for the goal and the realization. If you want to sink into this dimension, to fully dive into the problems of Mother Earth or Maya, appropriate for this purpose is low vibrational food.
If we want the opposite, however, here’s a GOSTICA’s top 10 list of foods and drinks

Top 10 foods and drinks that will boost your vibrations

Top 10 foods and drinks that will boost your vibrations

that will raise the vibrations of the body and because of that, we will see the problems of Maya as observers and will not sink in them:









1. Vegetables and Fruits– they are alive and will alcalize your body.


2. Pure water– something about 4 litres a day for 1 or 2 weeks will clean the body cells.


3. Green tea– strong alcalizer and it boost your liquid metabolism.


4. Almonds– strong alcal nuts, full of important nutrients and healthy fats.


5. Onion– because it has a lot of antioxidants


6. Chilies– rise up the level of Dopamine and Endorphin ( hormones of happiness)


7. Raw Cocoa beans– boost the hormones of happiness


8. Bean sprouts– brings more vitality in your body and youth


9. Extra Virgin Oils– bring healthy fats and clear the liver


10. Your favourite foodbrings happiness.

GOSTICA is very concerned to not forget the most important food – number 10!

😉  🙂  🙂  😉


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