Your Astrology And Horoscope For Valentine’s Day 2019

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Happiness is the result of a well lived life.

This year, Valentine’s Day will be interesting because of  Mars in Taurus; a transit in astrology that will have us commit to making our dreams, especially those concerning love, a reality. When Mars moves into Taurus until March 30th, we also will have a lot of Venusian and Piscean energy, which is important to take note of.

The combined energy has to do with foundations, but also the motivation to take what we are offered and go after manifesting what we want. We can expect these romantic energies to continue until March; giving each zodiac sign some time to look at the roots of the choices we make, to consider what our love horoscopes have to say, and to place priority on the happiness we experience in our relationships.

Mars is the planet of action and ambition, but in Taurus he must slow down a bit and take into account the qualities of this earth sign. 

While slowing things down might not seem like it would fit with our romantic relationships, it supports the theme this year of not settling for the relationships that exist within our comfort zones; instead, we need to step out and not be afraid of making our dreams a reality.

Taurus is an earth sign but it’s also the ruling sign of Venus, the planet of love, so it takes into account love. But it doesn’t mean it’s going to rush in and just accept a romantic offer; it will wait, practice patience, and build the groundwork for what it wants.

For many of us, we have been looking at themes around what we specifically deserve, and if we hold out for that or if we become distracted by various romantic lessons. Last year provided some pivotal moments in which we were shown the truth firsthand of what occurs when we accept less than what we deserve or if we hand our power over to another simply because we don’t want to be alone.

While it was an uncomfortable time with some possible downright painful moments, it’s all led to the new feeling of 2019. We know exactly what we deserve from the relationships that we enter, and we’re not about to settle.

This doesn’t mean that our standards have become too high or that we’re unable to practice compromise within a relationship; it simply is that from this point on we’re no longer accepting less, we’re no longer ignoring our intuition, or even engaging in merely fun connections.

This year is all about knowing our worth and putting that into practice so we attract exactly what we desire. We’ve set up that space in our lives and are practicing healthy boundaries with those situations that do not honor all the beautiful lessons we’ve learned.

While Mars moves into Taurus on Valentine’s Day, we will find ourselves being drawn into those situations that have long-term potential. If we are in an existing relationship, we will be focusing on our goals we have for the future together; we will be making plans and taking our time to get there.

This energy doesn’t exactly spell running away together to have an impromptu wedding on a remote tropical island, but it does suggest that we are going to be more concerned about setting up a life together, making sure we are covering the practical matters like our financial security and living situation.

Yet because of the down to earth bull energy, we will be wanting to enjoy more private moments with our partners rather than lavish dinners out; this could include romantic dinners, daydreaming of buying a home together, or planning that next getaway.

The best thing about this is that it’s not with someone who is only in our life for a short period of time, but will be laying the groundwork for the future we are building together.

The other strong energy around this time is that of Pisces and Venus — the planet of love with the sign of unconditional love. While these two don’t actually meet in the sky for a couple more days, it’s still worth knowing that there is a lot of love energy.

This Valentine’s Day is all about passion, sensuality and romance — the kind of love or partner that we have dreamed of but often have given up hope of finding. We will be more concerned about the roots of the relationship and if it can actually stand the test of time, airing more on the side of the practical.

However, there will be plenty of oomph that will have us wanting to turn the lights down low and enjoy one of those all-night conversations with the person we love the most.

No one magically wakes up one day having everything that they want; instead, it’s in the small choices to make decisions that align with the life we want, including being so happy and satisfied with ourselves that we will only accept a relationship in our life that honors us in the same way.

And this Valentine’s Day, we will all be thinking about love a little bit differently. There are a lot of romantic possibilities, especially if we have put in the work of clearing those situations and people that do not serve our highest good. Even if we’re not cuddled up next to our love in front of a fire making life plans, it doesn’t mean we’re going to be left out in the cold.

Even if we don’t yet have a date, with the other energies at play we will be more alluring and magnetizing. If we’re single, we will likely attract an important partner into our lives, including a possible soulmate.


We are always told to love ourselves first and to build a life that makes us happy instead of trying to seek that from an outside source like a partner or relationship. And this Valentine’s Day, we’re going to find out exactly why that is so important.

Because when we’re already living a life we love, we will attract a love that fits that life.


This was written by Kate Rose for Your Tango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website Words of Kate Rose.


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