How You Face Negative Emotions Based On Your Zodiac Sign


While there are some zodiac signs that seem to have a lot in common we all face negative emotions in our own ways. Some of us face them head on and others bottle them up inside until they literally explode.

Below I am going to go over how each sign faces their negative emotions or if they refuse to face them at all. While dealing with things like sadness or grief is not easy, they are things we all need to do. Each negative thing that happens in life is something we can learn from and something that will shape us into who we are meant to be.



While you are not one to really face negative emotions, you don’t really bottle them either. You choose to react to negative emotions by finding something to keep your mind off of them while basically working through them as well.

You find something to do that is out of the ‘norm.’ For instance, you might call out of work and sit at home eating ice cream when you go through a breakup. Normally you would NEVER call out of work.



You let things bottle up inside of your being until you cannot handle them anymore. Because of this, you tend to be a lot more violent than others.

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You can only take so much negativity. Once the emotions inside of you get to a certain point you literally explode on any and everyone.



You tend to get really down and in a funk when you’re going through negative emotions.

For instance, when you lose someone or something that you really cared for be it a close friend moving forward with his or her life or something else you just can’t let it go. You hate being sad but you tend to spend a lot of your time dwelling on things that bring you to that point.



You don’t really listen to your emotions. When someone or something upsets you it has to build up. You are different from other people, you are used to being used. With that being said, when you are really hurting, you are hurting to the point where you can hardly function.



You might not let the world know that something is bothering you but it is. You take everything personally and because of this, you tend to lash out at people who don’t deserve it.

You turn into this petty creature that only wants revenge on the whole world even when the whole world is not to blame.



You when facing negative emotions cut yourself off from everyone else. You become a distant shadow of who you normally would be. You basically go ghost mode on the whole wide world.



You basically become a moody douchebag when you’re down in the dumps regardless of the reason behind it. You become aggressive and tend to really make the people around you afraid. This is something you NEED to work on because it is not healthy.

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When you’re going through some kind of negative emotion or experience you accept the emotion and become much more serious than you were before. If someone has hurt you, you get the revenge you feel you deserve.



You basically jump ship when you’re feeling blue. If something has you down and out you just move on from it. You don’t spend any time trying to fix it, you throw it out of your mind and continue on.



You feel very unmotivated when you’re going through negative emotions or situations. While you continue on and work through it you are still not someone that can hide it.

Everyone asks you what’s wrong and you just tell them you’re sleepy and leave it at that. You aren’t one to open up.



You tend to seek attention when you’re most upset. You want others to see you whether you’re hurting or not.

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You try your hardest when you’re in pain, I think this is because it somehow gives you strength as weird as that might seem.



You allow your sadness to drive you to a very dark place. You draw inspiration from that place and get very creative through it. This allows you to also work through the negative emotions before you.


Source: awarenessact


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