Myth VS Reality Of Each Zodiac Sign

Myth VS Reality Of Each Zodiac Sign

Sometimes the zodiac signs can be labelled with stereotypes that plain aren’t true.

So today we thought we’d clear up some of the most common myths and misconceptions that surround each of the zodiac signs whilst also shedding some light on the actual truth behind these signs.

You may be surprised as to the REAL reason that some signs act the way that they do because it’s not always what people might think!



Myth: they LOVE to be angry and cause conflict 24/7.

Some people mistake Aries brazen and ‘take-no-bullshit’ approach to life as a sign that they simply love to cause fights and wreak havoc. However although, yes, Aries will stand up for themself if they are confronted the truth is that they don’t however go around ‘looking’ to start chaos.

Reality: if you treat them with respect they will show you nothing but the same.

If you respect an Aries then they will not only show you respect back but will also likely be one of your most fiercely loyal allies. Aries will go out of their way to help someone out if they know that they would do the same for them.



Myth: that all they do is laze around and eat.

Some people like to think of Taurus as being a little bit lazy and over indulgent. But really this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, they like to indulge but they work extremely hard too and have no problem putting in the hustle to get where they want to be in life.

Reality: they have an appreciation for the finer things which they work hard to experience.

When Taurus does decide to indulge however they definitely know how it do it in style and they have a deep desire to experience the very best that life has to offer. Whether it be fine dining, luxurious retreats or decadent wine tasting they’re always keen to experience new things.



Myth: they are conniving and evil.

Sometimes Geminis multi-faceted personality and reputation for change can lead them to being misjudged as being totally “fake” or somehow “evil”. However generally speaking Geminis are extremely friendly individuals who have their hearts solidly in the right place.

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Reality: the Gemini is simply highly adaptable and constantly evolving.

The Gemini is constantly evolving and adapting to their new surroundings. This means that they aren’t afraid to change their position as they take in new information and investigate alternative perspectives. They understand that the world isn’t always so black and white.



Myth: they are weak and defenceless.

A lot of people mistake Cancers sensitive and emotional side for a sign of weakness… but you would couldn’t be further from the truth because they are in many ways they are some of the toughest creatures in all of the zodiac.

Reality: the Cancer is extremely resilient and able to deal with all sorts of situations.

Cancer’s true strength is in their sheer determination and unwillingness to quit when they want something. Their motivation can be inspiring and they possess a mental strength that allows them to push through almost any hardship and not give up.

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