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Myth VS Reality Of Each Zodiac SignSagittarius…

Myth: they are upbeat 24/7 and never get down.

Sagittarians can have such upbeat and outgoing personalities that it can be easy to think that they never experience moments of downtime… yet the truth is that although they might disguise it well they too have their own ups and downs just like everybody else.

Reality: they can sometimes act happy as a way to hide their true feelings.

One of the most misleading things about a Sagittarius when it comes to trying to understand how they feel is the fact that they can sometimes project a positive image in order to cover up their negative emotions. They’re just extremely selective about who they show that kind of stuff too.



Myth: they are boring and hate fun.

Sometimes Capricorns practical side and willingness to work hard can be misinterpreted by others for them being totally dull and boring but the truth of the matter is they can actually be some of the most interesting people that you’ll could ever meet should you happen to befriend them.

Reality: they work hard today so that they can reap the rewards tomorrow.

It’s not so much that the Capricorn loves working anymore than the next person but they recognize that without hustle they wont be able to do all the fun stuff that they really want to do later on in life. They are long term thinkers who are happy to work hard today so that they can the reap the rewards further on down the track.



Myth: they are incapable of deeper thought and emotions.

Aquarius can come across as detached and somewhat hard to relate too and because of this many make the mistake of thinking that there is not much going on in their head or heart. But this couldn’t be further from the truth because although they might not vocalise their every waking thought their minds are constantly going and they are amongst some of the deepest thinkers in all of the zodiac.

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Reality: sometimes they they do their best thinking when they are on their own.

Often Aquarius finds themself doing their best thinking when they are on their own. It’s not that they hate people or anything but they often work through issues best when they are away from all of the chaos in the world.



Myth: they are downright crazy.

Some people can look at the Pisces as such a unique specimen that they label them as flat-out crazy. But the truth is they just operate on different wavelength from many of the other signs which gives them a bit of a unique perspective and outlook on the world.

Reality: they are escapists who enjoy living in the clouds rather than focusing on negative energies.

The Pisces isn’t so much crazy as they are an escapist. They see no point in focusing all of their attention of the negativity in the world and prefer to focus on their dreams and the good that exists around them.


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