New Moon In Taurus 2019: Creating Healthy Habits & Finding Balance

new moon in taurus

May is a slower paced month that beckons us to reflect and assess the quality of our lives and to think about the direction we are heading in. This energy is further amplified on May 4th with the New Moon in the sign of Taurus.

Under the darkness of this New Moon, we are going to be encouraged to review our day to day routine to see where we can create more love, more joy, and more support.

May’s New Moon is also going to be inspiring us to create some healthy habits, especially when it comes to our diet and exercise routine. In fact, if you are looking to start a new diet or exercise plan, the New Moon brings perfect energy in support of this.

Even if you don’t have any plans in mind, eating better, meditating, exercising, fresh air, and focusing on gratitude are all great things to add to your routine in order to evoke more peace and more balance.

Creating balance has definitely been a theme in the Universe over the last few months and this New Moon also adds to this energy. This New Moon will be guiding us to create healthy habits and to balance work and play.

Work fills us with purpose. It helps us to thrive, make money, and feel that we are adding to society. Work allows us to create good habits, a strong routine, and keeps us grounded.

Play however, is doing things just for the fun of it! Play helps to ignite our creativity, our passions, and allows us to let loose. Play is the stuff that we do that allows us to break away from our routine and to step into silliness and joy.

By allowing and giving ourselves time to play, it can help fuel us at work, and can also inspire our passions and purpose.

If you are feeling lost, if you are feeling stifled or that your routine has become too predictable, the perfect prescription is play! And under the energy of this New Moon, you will be supported and encouraged to bring play into your routine with greater ease.

Play can mean a lot of things, and there is definitely no one size fits all solution. Play can be turning the music on and dancing around the house, doing a fun craft, volunteering, building or making something, it can even be reading a trashy romance novel!

Play is just doing something for the fun of it and for the enjoyment of it, whatever that may look like for you.

By bringing more play into your routine, it can help to lighten the energy of your life. It can help to ignite a sense of wonder, awe, and curiosity. Play can help to freshen the energy of your life and bring in a new sense of purpose and clarity.

While this New Moon is supporting us to balance work and play and make healthier lifestyle choices, it also reminds us to stop comparing our lives with others.

When we start thinking about the positive changes we can make in our lives, we have to be mindful they don’t come from a feeling of not being good enough or are rooted in what we think we should be doing.

While it is great to be inspired by others and to be motivated by the habits and lifestyle choices of others, we have to remember who we are as an individual, and not get caught up in trying to use other people as a signpost for our own lives.

The most important thing is that we are happy with our choices and the way our life looks and feels on its own. When we begin comparing our life to others, it can make us feel that we are doing something wrong or that we should be doing something different.

Keep this mind when moving through the energy of this New Moon. By all means, create healthy, new, and refreshing habits but do so because they make sense to you!

Try your best to not compare and instead look at your life through your own eyes.

This is your life, and you are free to live it how you choose. You do not have to follow the tried and true path. You do not have to feel behind or left out just because your life looks different.

If you can look around and be happy with what you see and feel, then that is all that matters. And if you can’t, and if you see things you want to change, know that you always have the power to begin right now.

The first step with bringing positive change into your life is to focus on building up more of the good stuff rather than getting bogged down in what is not working.

While you may need to let something go or take affirmative action, very often, the more we focus on gratitude and finding joy in the small moments, the more our life starts to take shape.

Be grateful for the smaller, more precious moments that greet you throughout the day, like that first sip of coffee in the morning, or the pink clouds at sunset, or the wagging tail of your furry friend.

Don’t get caught up in only chasing grand moments and thinking your life has to be a string of big successes. Instead, focus on finding joy in the simpler things.

Focus on the small stuff, find gratitude and play in the small stuff, and by focusing your attention here, this is how you begin to create a peaceful and balanced life.

New Moons always bring new beginnings so if you feel like you need a fresh start or a fresh approach, ask to be guided, watch for the signs, and see what inspiration greets you under the influence of this beautiful Taurus Moon.


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