Jennifer Hoffman – Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them”.

I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction.

Our manifestation powers are strong now and we create with our thoughts so what we think becomes the reality we live in.  And we can use the energy in any way we want to, so keeping the focus on high frequency expansion, and the world we want to live in, as opposed to being discouraged by what we see as ‘a world gone mad’ is important.

Now, more than ever, there is enormous power in the shared collective awareness because the collective family of humanity is far more aware of itself, its power, its interconnectedness, and its place in the Universe than it has ever been before.

This makes us more powerful and stronger manifestors. If thoughts were powerful before, they are exponentially so now. Since my predictions are read by millions of people from dozens of countries, who can translate and interpret what they read in many different ways, sharing these predictions is a mission that I take very seriously and I write them with a great deal of care.

And I have found that they are very accurate, when I review them during the course of the year, which I encourage you to do too.

The details of exactly ‘what will happen’ are not always part of the information I share with you, as it is more focused on what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways.

 Because we have evolved so much since the beginning of this century, knowing the availability of different potentials serves as a decision making guide, rather than a dire warning of the upcoming year’s events.

As you read these predictions avoid looking for confirmation of ‘things to come’ and don’t look for the ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios, as I refuse to consider them as a possibility. Rather, use this information as a tool to manage your own life and energy as you embark on a new year filled with potential, power, and possibilities.

I deliberately avoid the ‘doom and gloom’ or ‘pie in the sky’ predictions that others make, partly because I believe it serves no useful purpose to predict bad events since I  know that we have control over our individual and collective realities.

And I don’t believe that spouting sweetness and light, the belief that the Universe will make everything better and that we will be taken care of (without our active participation) is simply unrealistic.

It is not consistent with our roles as co-creators in the Universe and is therefore also misinformation, designed to foster the belief that are lives unfold in a pre-destined way that we are powerless to stop, alter, or control.

Are you ready to shine brightly for another year?  This year will be different because we’re shining with a much higher energy frequency and we are accompanied by many more people.

I know that the journey has been extremely long and challenging at times, we have been at this for several decades. But the evolving spiral of ascension isn’t achieved in a day and we can’t measure the success that is achieved over a journey of many lifetimes by what happens in a single lifetime.

This year we can look forward to much confirmation (which may not be what you think), stronger connections with many more people, a big increase in the number of awakened and awakening people, and a challenge for us (those who have been holding light for a long time) to explore new pathways.

2018 is the year to claim your wings, to soar above the limitations you may have imposed on yourself, to set your sights high and to have some fun.

This year requires embracing yourself as a Light Beacon, acknowledging your mastery, being energetically creative and sovereign in your life. Strong boundaries will help as will big and powerful intentions. Ready for a fresh start?

We are now at the ‘end’ of one very significant journey and starting on the next. Remember there is really no end, there are crossroads and switching stations and we are at one now.

Where do we go from here? It’s a new adventure and we can go anywhere we want so let’s explore the power and potential of 2018:



In numerology, 2018 has an ‘11’ vibration (2+0+1+8) which is a master number. Our previous mastery year was 2009 and we have made a lot of progress on our ascension path since then, and huge strides in our 3D/5D integration and ascension journey so while 2009 may not have been a great year for you, 2018 is a portal into a whole different level of mastery.

There is also a ‘2’ energy this year as 11 is also 1+1, and this is a joining together of equal energies – we can connect with like-spirited people now, and it is the number of partnership and community.

But with the 1 + 1 the emphasis is on equality, similarity, and balance. No more lop-sided, unequal relationships where one person gives all of the energy and doesn’t receive anything in return. That may be a change for some and will take some adjustment.

Mastery is not about being the best or better than  others, this is self mastery, the mastering of your own energy, your soul mission and life purpose, learning how to integrate your divinity into your humanity, moving from healing into wholeness, creating a congruent reality that reflects your greatest potential and the fullness of your energetic frequency and vibration.

You are the only one who can do this for yourself, the potential is there and is waiting your command.



Every year has key themes, predominant energies that will be the focus of what we experience in that year. A key theme in 2017 was Divine Congruence and we saw that expressed in many ways individually and collectively.

Individually, we had to set intentions and then release everything and everyone that was not in alignment with our intentions. On a collective level, especially in the last three months of 2017, we saw a vast awakening and joining together of many people with a common intention, goal, and purpose. We’ll see more of that in 2018.KEY-THEMES.jpg

The first theme of 2018 is freedom and before you say ‘great, I’ll receive everything that will allow me to be free’, keep reading because that’s not quite what it means.

Freedom is the ‘state of being free’ which is an energetic state of being – you must have defined your personal energy of freedom and know what that means to you before you can be free.

And it also means that you live in the state of freedom, you’re free in your own life – free from limitations, distractions, fear, regret, anger, and any energy or emotion that limits your ability to have energy flowing freely in your own life.

The opposite of freedom is bondage, which happens when we block the flow of energy by putting limitations and distractions on our path.

The second theme of 2018 is convergence and this represents the ‘coming together’ or joining that we will se e all year. This began in 2017, and becomes more important in 2018.

But this doesn’t mean that everyone comes together with the same focus and at the same time. Convergence will occur between people of similar energies and intentions and we are going to see the 3D/5D energy gap become much stronger and much more visible.

This means you will separate yourself from, or be separated from, people who are not energetically compatible, while also joining with and connecting to people who are energetically compatible.

The opposite of convergence is rejection, as things that cannot converge or come together reject each other. This is not a bad thing; it is very clarifying to know what you can join with and what you cannot join with.

There is a lot of value in knowing what is not aligned with your energy, which includes people and situations.



Let’s move on to 2018’s Power Periods. These are periods of higher frequency and energy, where more energetic support is available for change, transitions, and transformation.

The entire year is a power period because of the 11 mastery energy. So everything in 2018 is going to happen with a little more flash, a little more speed, a little more power, and a lot more effect.

The highs will be higher and perhaps last a little longer; and the lows will be lower and may be shorter in duration. Energy gaps between 3D and 5D will be more apparent, and there will be a big difference between the peopl e who are awake and aware and those who are not.

2018 begins with a 1-1-11 vibration, just like 2017 did, and Mercury in retrograde recovery, so we are making progress in how the new year begins.

For the past two years the new year has started with similar planetary alignments and energies as the beginning of the previous year, putting us through a repeat cycle for months. We also have a super full moon on January 1 & 2, in the signature axis of the next two years, from 2018 to early 2020, Cancer/Capricorn.

January through March is a power period that includes two double full moon months, two eclipses, and what may appear to be fresh starts but are really completion of items leftover from 2017.

There is a lot of fast moving energy in this period so don’t rush to judge what looks like a disaster, many of those will be blessings in disguise.


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