The Fakest and the Realest People of the Zodiac Sign

The-Fakest-and-the-Realest-People-of-the-Zodiac-Sign.jpgThe world is a strange place to live in. On one side, you will come across people who would praise you till you are transported to the world of ecstasy; and, then, these very people would pull you down to confront criticism and humiliation.

On the other hand, you will also come across people who would be straightforward enough to let you know your mistakes and help you to rectify them at the same them.

While the first lot of people are fake and is of no help to you, the second lot of people are the ones without whom it would not be an easy task to survive in this world.

However, under these circumstances, how are you supposed to differentiate between the fake and the most real when most of the people are hiding behind the masks?

You cannot wait till you realize that many people who praise you actually talk about you behind your back, right? How would you help yourself from trusting the fake people? You are not God and you are not even a lie detector machine.

In that case, a good way to resolve this dilemma would be to take a look at the common traits of the people based on their Zodiac signs.



• Aries: The Aries usually stay in their own world and avoid mingling with the crowd. As they are quite selective, they resort to telling the truth even if the person who has to listen to the brutal truth feels offended. This is why an Aries can be quite trustworthy.


• Virgo: Being critical, a Virgo always evaluates the pros and cons before coming to a certain decision. This trait helps them to follow the right path and confront a person even when they have to expose the person’s misdeeds in front of everyone.

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This behavior makes them a good friend as they can help you to develop your personality as a whole by helping you in rectifying your mistakes.


• Scorpio: It is true that the Scorpio is very cunning and knows how to balance a situation. However, when you do earn the loyalty of a Scorpio, you will realize that no one can judge you better than a Scorpio and their egoistic trait would eventually help you to improve your personality.


• Sagittarius: If you think that a Sagittarius is timid and soft-spoken, you are highly mistaken. It is true that not they do not open up in front of everybody always. However, they do possess the guts to confront you and tell you straight away that what you are doing is not acceptable.


• Taurus: The Taurus is truly bold and powerful. The fearless nature of a Taurus makes him or she says the right thing even if there is nobody supporting him or her.

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So, a Taurus can be your true companion who would definitely help you in building a good character in the long run.



• Cancer: Usually, a Cancer would compliment you even if you are doing something wrong so that he or she can be a good friend in your eyes. However, this same person might criticize you and your doings and take pleasure in ruining your reputation.


• Pisces: As much as the Pisces love to live in their creative world, they love to build their own stories revolving around almost every person.

And, by any chance, if you fall prey and become the subject of these stories, you would surely become quite famous because of the bad reputation that you will obtain as a result of this.


• Libra: Usually, these people cannot come to a fixed decision. This wavering mindset of theirs often makes them say different things to different people and this is what makes them acquire the tag of a fake person in life.


• Gemini: The Gemini is not cunning. However, the willingness to be a good person before the eyes of everyone makes them say different things under different circumstances. This makes them sound quite fake at times even if they do not do so willingly.

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As all of you have a different mindset and individuality, your personality is bound to be striking to some people and give the people the scope to talk behind your back.


In this case, the best thing would be to accept the criticism that is thrown towards you and convert your weakness into your strength.

And, always remember, that when you gradually reach your dream destination, people will try to pull you down out of jealousy; and, that is the time when you have to trust your instincts, take the criticisms and a positive sign and work harder till you fulfill your dreams.


Source: themindsjournal


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