What The Venus Moving Into Taurus Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until June 8th

venus in taurus

We are the ones that make love complicated.

On May 15th, Venus moves into its ruling sign of Taurus, and suddenly love doesn’t seem as hard as we thought. Since each planet governs a certain aspect of our lives, for Venus it’s our hearts and romantic relationships. Depending upon which zodiac sign this goddess is moving through, we could either be very into our freedom or want nothing more than spending forever with our one and only.

While astrology alone can’t make us do something, it does influence how our inner compass is feeling, which plays out in our words and actions. Venus in Taurus will be in effect until June 8th, so we should make the most of this time and our love horoscope while we have it, because love will really feel as simple as it is.

Venus governs all that we hold close, and while perhaps all planets have their space and purpose within our lives, it seems none is more important to us than who we love and who love us.

Currently, the planet of love and beauty is just finishing up her stint in Aries, and while it all serves a higher good, like getting us to take action or overcome obstacles, it’s certainly an uncomfortable place for her. She’s anxious to get back home to Taurus where she will feel like herself.

Sometimes in placements like Aries, she can make love harder than it needs to be or make us forget about opening our hearts, loving ourselves, our lives, and another individual. In May, other placements, Aries included, we forget that we should be enjoying the love we’re in.

It’s not always about obligations or getting the kids to school on time; it’s not about the guy who looks perfect for us; but it’s about the joy, the feeling of exuberance and peace that we feel when we’re beside someone who makes our life better.

Currently, because it’s Taurus season, we have a lot of Taurean energy around us. Earlier in the month we experienced our new moon in Taurus, which set our focus back on pleasure and how, no matter what life brings, the love we have for another individual should feel good. Also in Taurus until the end of the month, we have Mercury, the planet of communication and thoughts, which means we will feel the love and are going to be talking about it too.

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May has been a very different energy than we’ve seen so far this year; it’s lighter and there’s more opportunity for growth and moving forward in a new direction. It’s a time when we’re going to see some incredibly beneficial transits, like the double Venus aspects and Sun trines, which occur about a week before the planet of love returns to what feels right.

In this respect, the stage is being set for a very productive Venus in Taurus season, meaning we are being given all the tools to make changes in our love lives, to leave old patterns behind us, and to remember that love isn’t hard — it’s only us that makes it that way.

Because of the heavy influence of Taurean energy, we will likely already be feeling that Venus glow before she even moves into the sign of the bull herself.

It’s likely we’ve been spending time thinking about what we want, making time to do those things that make us feel good, and remembering what it felt like when we were with someone we love. Once Venus in Taurus hits the scene, all of this will be magnified, almost to a point that what we feel will be unavoidable.

Many times, we feel difficulties in love when we try to deny or manipulate our own feelings instead of just acknowledging it and moving through it.

For better or worse, Venus moving into Taurus is not going to let us bury our heads in the sand, she’s not going to let us hide our feelings or talk ourselves out of what we most want. Because of this and with so many personal planets ready for forward action, we’re likely to start taking action ourselves. If we were in a relationship in which we were with someone for reasons other than just love, we may find ourselves thinking about and planning how to end it.

During this transit, not only are we feeling that real love more, but we’re also unable to pretend that love is there if it’s not. We’ll be more apt to take our feelings as truth and not have the desire to explain or rationalize them as we might under other transits.

Venus is about love, but she’s also about true love — not the stereotypical fairy The most important thing to remember as we’re heading into Venus’ home season is not to stifle feelings or emotions if something isn’t working, if it doesn’t feel right, or even makes you feel alive.tale-type love, but the kind that is there no matter what we do and defies anything we had previously experienced.

Let yourself be open to a possible plot twist. Let yourself put your happiness first and remember that love isn’t that complicated.

It’s rare for two people to be absolutely head over heels for one another, to feel that magic spark and have that level of understanding and acceptance for one another, which is why when we do so, nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter how much we tell ourselves that we didn’t plan for this or how wrong they may be for us; if it’s real, it can’t be denied.

Enjoy this next season and let Venus simplify your love life in the way that she does best by making it obvious who your heart beats for, and who it doesn’t.
Let Venus have her way with your heart and you may just find that love was really never that complicated at all; you only thought it was.

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This was originally published by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website. Plus, you can take a chance and change your life this May by joining Kate for her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.


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