Weekend Love Horoscope September 7-9: New Moon Passions Ignite

Weekend-Love-Horoscope-September-7-9-New-Moon-Passions-Ignite.jpgThe weekend is almost here, and there are some celestial shifts in the skies that will be affecting your love life. That’s right, each and every zodiac sign will see changes this weekend.

The New Moon in Virgo is bringing some much-needed passion into our view, and with Saturn going direct as well you can be sure that motivation and clarity will be back to normal, which helps tremendously in the love department.


Let’s see what your zodiac sign has to look forward to this weekend:



Aries, the conflict might be headed your way this weekend. This might leave you feeling somewhat unhappy but don’t dwell here too long – ride the tide and you will overcome it.

The conflict arising might even entirely change your view on a certain situation and this could turn out to be a wonderful thing down the road. Any enduring unhappiness will disappear by the end of the weekend and you will move ahead into the week with a positive outlook, Aries.

Single Aries, the weekend brings a likelihood of clarity being present when it comes to the issue of commitment. Take the weekend as a perfect time to leave the past behind and to move on with a positive disposition – be mindful that you can turn your frown upside down by the way you choose to view any given situation.

Choose to view the glass as being half full and life will become more pleasurable for you, Aries.



Taurus, your weekend may come with significant highs and lows. If you have something you’ve kept hidden from your love, this may be the root of the problem. Being open to communication is always a winning course of action in times of doubt.

Communication will be your key theme and will come easily to you so take advantage of this to clear the air between the both of you. The weekend is likely to end with good news that will leave you feeling animated and stimulated Taurus.

Single Taurus, a new budding romance may be coming your way this weekend. Passion and romance are indicated by the strong focus in this area of your chart.

This influential combination will leave you feeling confident and raring to put yourself right in the way of love. If there is someone special that you have been attracted to, this weekend is the perfect moment to go for it and make it come true, Taurus



Gemini, an unsettling dialogue might put you in a disagreeable mood at the start of the weekend. If you feel annoyed by particular close relationship it will be essential to maintain your cool in order to keep your own inner harmony intact.

Don’t take it out on your love – regardless of the chaos going on around you, be sure to keep your devotion to your partner and steer clear from those who like to rouse trouble this weekend, Gemini.

For those who are single and ready to welcome the possibility of a new romance, this might be the weekend abundant with opportunities for you.

There is a suggestion of envy on your chart this weekend so be certain to overcome this unpleasant emotion as it will only cause conflict. Relish time spent with friends and be watchful for those trying to catch your attention. This weekend might just be the perfect time for you to find love, Gemini.



A slight dispute within your relationship might result in needing to give things some deep thought this weekend, Cancer. If it is a past misunderstanding that brings with it painful truths then make use of it as a learning episode.

Don’t unfairly criticize or blame yourself and learn to move on. If you and your love can overcome things together by being supportive and sympathetic to one another, your relationship will breeze through any challenges that may arise in the future, Cancer.

Single Cancer, your key theme this weekend will be self-discovery. You might not be in the mood for any social time so make use of it to contemplate on the past and make plans for self-improvement.

Welcome both the good and the bad and find the moral in each. Past life lessons are essential and you can build a triumphant future from them. Love is coming your way so be patient and have faith that it will arrive for you at the right time, Cancer.



A strong focus on the area of your chart indicates that romance and relationships will be the center of your focus, Leo. This suggests the strong likelihood of harmony and balance surrounding you all weekend so choose to discover the beauty in life and take pleasure at the things that give you joy.

You will have high spirits and your energy will carry over into the bedroom – sparks will fly! Take delight in the passionate moments spent with your partner this weekend, Leo.

For the single Leo, if you have had an occupied social life recently this is likely to continue into the weekend – so buckle up! Your high energy will be irresistible to others and you are likely to get invites to countless social gatherings.

It will be a good time to let yourself loose and enjoy each moment. Keep things engaging and fun. Be interested and playful. Welcome the possibility of love coming your way this weekend, Leo.



Virgo, if you feel that you have been trying to keep the harmony between you and your love then this weekend will be a cause to loosen up.

There is the indication that there will be balanced within your relationship this weekend as suggested by the strong focus in your chart.

Allocate time to spend alone by yourselves and take pleasure in each others presence. Utilize this moment to talk about each other’s hopes and dreams for the future and establish that you are on the right path, Virgo.

This weekend might be a fitting time to allocate some thought about where you want to head to when it comes to relationships. Question yourself about what it is you want at this point in your life.

Whatever decision you come to, stay affirmative and everything will happen for you as it should. If things have been chaotic lately and you feel indecisive, take a moment to reevaluate your hopes and desires. When you achieve clarity on what you really want, everything will fall into place, Virgo.



Libra, this weekend you might be feeling ill-tempered. Welcome constructive communication and stay away from conversations that will drain you of your high energy.

Take a moment to rejuvenate your spirits so that you can feel reinvigorated to take on the week ahead. Notwithstanding any dissatisfaction that may come to the surface, avoid isolation and seek out a confidante who can help you – your love is likely the person you can count on with this, Libra.

Single Libras ready for true love, you might find yourself surrounded by having to choose between more than one love interest this weekend. Count yourself lucky to have the choices that you do.

Fresh opportunities in love are on the cards for you and it’s your moment to take the spotlight. Don’t make hurried decisions – relish the moment and see where it leads you. When you have clarity of mind, deciding who the right person is for you will be a walk in the park, Libra.



Scorpio, your key theme is communication and you will likely have significant conversations with the people around you this weekend. You may find yourself full of self-confidence in your discussion with your love.

Be watchful of this as it could bring unnecessary strain in your relationship. You might also experience a surge of emotions this weekend but don’t allow any unreasonable sentiments to cloud your judgment. Find time to delight in the simple joys in life this weekend, Scorpio.

Single Scorpios on the hunt for love, choose wisely as to who you spend your time with this weekend. It’s essential to recognize that not everyone around you will be well-meaning all the time.

You are fortunate to be in the company of great friends whom you can always rely on so spend moments with these people. Trust your intuition this weekend and remember that it will never let you down, Scorpio.



Sagittarius, you may find your energy at a low point this weekend. It’s probably due to a frantic week at the workplace that has left you feeling depleted. If you’ve made plans but feel that you’d rather just chillax at home, plainly tell your partner to go on without you.

Don’t make a big fuss out of it – there is no drama needed for this. Utilize the time to refurbish your energy so that you are soon feeling your normal self again as the new week approaches, Sagittarius.

Single Sagittarius, the same can be said about you – it may be a great idea to try to take things slow this weekend. Make an effort to renew your inner balance and take part in things that will bring harmony and calmness.

If you are yearning for romance and as result feel that you desire to go out, keep in mind that there will be plenty of opportunity for this in the future. Design an intention for your love life and let this be your guide, Sagittarius.



Capricorn, there is a strong focus in the area of your chart highlighting domesticity as your key theme this weekend, along with the importance of change and renewal. If you have been considering a DIY project, now is a perfect time to get on with it.

The weekend will bring calmness and balance into your relationship and you will both take pleasure in each other’s company. Delight in a gratifying weekend with your partner, Capricorn.

Single Capricorn, you may realize that if you make time organizing things in your life over the weekend, you will have a sense of self-accomplishment.

Take a moment to manage things in your personal space and this will help you coordinate your mind at the same time. Don’t allow others to hinder you.

If there is anyone from your clique that is showing signs of being negative, it would be best for you to keep away from them. You can never go wrong when you surround yourself with encouraging people, Capricorn.



Aquarius, this weekend is likely to be a focus on self-empowerment as your key theme and you will have strong energy all around you. Be cautious as this energy could exhibit both positively and negatively so be mindful of this possibility.

Make an effort to keep your distance and if you chance upon any negative vibes within your relationship, do what you can to turn it into something positive. Be aware that you have the power to turn your luck around, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, passion will overflow this weekend. Your energy will be at its peak and you may get a lot of attention.

The weekend brings with it the opportunity to meet a new potential partner to take notice of those who strike up a conversation with you and don’t be afraid to show your playful side. Your love life is looking positive this weekend so go for it and take pleasure, Aquarius.



This weekend there might be some strain within your relationship, Pisces. We all have highs and lows so don’t allow this to become a bigger issue than it truly is.

Have a dialogue with your partner and convey your issues then give thought to what the both of you can do to make things better.

The planets will be supportive and communication will be key throughout the weekend. A balance will be restored in good time and you will end the weekend on a positive note, Pisces.

Take notice of what is going on around you this weekend, single Pisces. If you feel that you are ready to jump into a new relationship, pay close attention to connections involving your interests.

A suggestion in the planetary alignment in your chart indicates a connection with the outdoors this weekend – which means that a budding romance might transpire somewhere in nature. Spend time out with your friends, you never know what it could lead to, Pisces.

We hope you enjoyed our weekend horoscope! Be sure to share with your friends and loved ones too!


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