These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best June 2019 Because They’re Making Big Moves

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Summer is around the corner, and despite how hard it may be for some of us to say your goodbyes to the spring season, there’s still plenty more to look forward to. Like, for instance, the three zodiac signs who will have the best June 2019, because they’re just getting started. In case you’re wondering, the air sign family — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — will certainly thrive this month, given Gemini’s mutable air and light-hearted nature. (Don’t see your sign on the list? Make sure to check both your sun and rising sign horoscope because you can’t solely rely on the teachings from your sun sign.)

Before we dive into why June is going to be so good to the air signs, cheers to another trip around the sun, Gemini. I’m probably being biased, considering my natal Venus in Gemini, but I cannot get enough of this zodiac sign, let alone those who were born with Gemini placements. They’re literally the most mentally stimulating individuals on the planet, and it’s all thanks to their mischievous ruling planet Mercury, but I digress. There will be a new moon in the sign of the twins on June 3, and this lunation is alive and breathing with possibility. So if you’re looking for change, or having trouble taking initiative, make sure to set your intentions during this time.

The following day, Gemini’s planetary ruler Mercury slides into sensitive Cancer, which in turn will bring you closer to your emotional world. Granted, Gemini is an air sign, but the essence of the astrological elements earth and water, aka the divine feminine, will be very prominent this month. This, of course, gives you more reason to sit with your feels and follow your intuition. Gorgeous Venus, planet of love, will also join the sun in Gemini, so you will also experience harmony within your conversations and general exchanges.

Nevertheless, here’s what’s in store for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius:

Gemini: You’re As Resourceful As Ever

It’s your solar return, Gemini. The stars are aligned in your favor, and this is your celestial rebirth from the heavens. Aside from feeling like yourself again, you’re also a lot more mentally agile, not to mention as charming as ever. You love being on the go, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing during this time. The new moon in your sign is bursting with possibility, and with go-getter Mars conjunct the North Node in Cancer, you’ll have the emotional resilience to push through anything that gets in your way. Ready? Set. Go.

Libra: You’re in the Mood to Wander

With the sun, Mercury, and Venus huddling over your wanderlust-filled ninth house of expansion and knowledge, you’re finally ready to cross the pond, and you’re likely having inspiring conversations in the process. Whether it’s because you’re going back to school or deciding to relocate for a new job offer, you’re well aware of the opportunities waiting for you on the horizon. Granted, some of these goals require a bit of sacrifice on your end, but from the looks of it, you’re willing to invest in your future.

Aquarius: You’re Thriving in Your Own Skin

You have so much to be grateful for, Aquarius. And with the sun, Mercury, and Venus traveling through your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and smoldering passions this month, you will likely be as confident as ever. Also, for those of you looking for love, you’re in luck, as this sparkling energy might very well bring you the romance you’ve so desperately been seeking. Otherwise, make sure to take notes of your spontaneous inspirations. They will come through like bursts of lighting.


This was originally published by Elite Daily.


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