31 Symptoms You Have Atleast One BLOCKED Chakra

31-Symptoms-You-Have-Atleast-One-BLOCKED-Chakra.jpg‘Chakra’ in Sanskrit means ‘wheel.’ The energy centers of our bodies are called ‘Chakra’ because each one of these centers is connected to the next one and together they form a loop of energy which surrounds our bodies.

When we fall sick, it implies we one or more of our chakras are blocked. If you become aware of the chakra which is connected to the source of the affected area and identify the physical symptoms, it will be easier for you to heal yourself faster.

Here are the 31 symptoms which show that a person has at least one blocked chakra:


The Root Chakra:

Element: Earth.

Location: Base of the spine.

Colour: Red.

Role: governs survival.

Blocked by: Fear which cannot be managed.


Symptoms of blockage:

(1) You hate yourself without any reason.

(2) You’re afraid of security.

(3) You feel left out.

(4) You face financial problems.

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(5) You feel like you’re stuck.


The Sacral Chakra:

Element: Water.

Colour: Orange

Location: Below belly button.

Role: Governs connection.

Blocked by: Guilt.


Symptoms of blockage:

(6) You have always negative outlook towards yourself.

(7) You find problems with intimacy.

(8) You have the idea that sex is bad.

(9) You feel you can’t communicate with others.

(10) You get abused by others or you abuse yourself.


The Solar Lexus Chakra:

Element: Fire

Colour: Yellow

Location: Naval, two inches below the breastbone.

Role: Governs power.

Blocked by: Shame.


Symptoms of blockage:

(11) You always say ‘yes’ to what others want of you.

(12) You suffer from a lack of self-confidence and can’t get the courage to follow your dreams.

(13) You always need validation from others.

(14) You feel that you are the victim of circumstances of the world.


The Heart Chakra:

Element: Air

Colour: Green.

Location: center of the chest.

Role: Governs love.

Blocked by: Grief.


Symptoms of blockage:

(15) You can’t find a meaning in your life.

(16) You don’t feel happy.

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(17) You always avoid loving because you are scared to get hurt.

(18) You are scared of commitment.


The Throat Chakra:

Element: Sound.

Colour: Blue.

Location: Hollow of the Throat.

Role: Governs expression.

Blocked by: Lies.


Symptoms of blockage:

(19) You lie a lot.

(20) You always try to please everyone.

(21) You find it difficult to speak up for yourself.

(22) You become upset when others don’t listen to you.

(23) You speak too fast and don’t even want to stop.


The Third Eye Chakra:

Element: Light.

Colour: Indigo.

Location: In between eyebrows.

Role: Governs perception.

Blocked by: Illusion.


Symptoms of blockage:

(24) You can’t make decisions.

(25) You don’t listen to your intuitions.

(26) You think too much.

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(27) You don’t listen to your inner self.


The Crown Chakra:

Element: Thought.

Colour: Violet.

Location: Top of the head.

Role: governs ascension.

Blocked by: attachment.


Symptoms of blockage:

(28) You experience headaches and migraines.

(29) You are more interested in the material world.

(30) You are always taking bad decisions.

(31) It’s difficult for you to accept change.

Since all these chakras are connected, multiple chakras can get affected if one of them is affected. This requires spiritual healing.


Source: themindsjournal


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