You Can Train Yourself To See Your Own Aura


The understanding of Aura is often greeted with some unwarranted skepticism even though it should, without a doubt be at the heart of understanding ourselves in this human existence.

One of the very important parts of this process of self-knowledge is the understanding of one’s own aura and the way to train oneself to see it.

What is an aura?

You can define aura simply as the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living organisms (humans, animals, plants) on this Earth.

One can quantify the aura as it is an electromagnetic field. We humans have seven different layers of aura which affects our mood, behavior, attitude to life, emotions, health etc. It is thus pertinent to understand each and every layer in its isolation.

The Physical Layer

This layer is a direct indication of our overall health as it is the closest to our body. It extends out to almost 2 inches from our body. Bad physical health can mean that your physical aura is smudged.

The Astral Layer

The astral layer of aura determines our emotions and how we treat the people whom we love. It holds our experiences with our loved ones.

The Lower Mental Layer

It is in this layer that our values and ideas are stored and thus it is perhaps the most important layer in our day to day lives. While working or concentrating, our mental layer expands.

The Higher Mental Layer

The Higher mental layer allows you to experience the spiritual things like self-love, selflessness and unconditional love. If your higher mental layer is stable, then you’ll not experience self-doubt and negativity.

The Spiritual Layer

This aura layer allows us to connect to the like-minded people and the sound spiritual layer is the first step towards connecting to our higher Self.

The Intuitional Layer

It is in this layer that our ability to forgive and to accept others is created. This also helps us with the feelings of kindness, calm.

The Absolute Layer

It is the final layer that holds all of the other layers in place and it connects us to the universe. The complete understanding of this layer is important for the journey towards the absolute truth and bliss.

The different colors of the aura mean different things and are divided into clean and dirty colors:

You can also try this simple test to check the color of your aura.

How To See Your Aura

Learn: Make yourself aware about the different colors of the aura and the hidden meanings behind each of them.

Sense: Try to sense someone else’s aura. Close your eyes softly and take a deep breath and now think about the feeling and the emotions that you had when you were in someone’s company. Were you clam, or inspired or bored or agitated? Now think about the color that you would like to associate with the feeling that you were experiencing.

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Tune In: Now when you have got the basic idea about the presence of the aura and its colors, you need to train yourself to see the aura more clearly and vividly. For this training, use any red or blue object placed across the room against a white wall. Now look to the right of the book and try to find the color, it may be yellow or green.

Begin Seeing: Stand against a mirror of 18” placed against a white wall. Now do not look directly at your image but to a little right or left. Now you’ll see some bright colors moving along your body (in the image).

Learning may take some time but be patient and continue to strive for learning the art of seeing the aura. Remember that simply by accepting your aura and making an attempt to understand it, you have embarked on the journey towards spiritual bliss.

This was originally published by Conscious Reminder.


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