Do You Have Lemurian, Atlantean, or Avalonian Past Life Traits?

Do-You-Have-Lemurian-Atlantean-or-Avalonian-Past-Life-Traits.jpgBefore Atlantis, the motherland known as Mu or Lemuria was also thought to be in existence. How about the mystical isle of Avalon, thought to have been in existence in ancient times in England?

There are those who believe they have lived many lives, some of those lives being lived in one or more of these ancient mythic civilizations.

In this article, we will talk about how each of these mythic civilizations might have looked and functioned and we will specifically help you identify if you are indeed a reincarnated soul that lived in Lemuria, Atlantis, or Avalon…or perhaps all three!


Lemuria…The Original Motherland

Does this picture remind you of Lemuria?

Lemuria is believed to have been the civilization that existed on an extinct massive continent in the Pacific Ocean. This continent would have connected North America with the continent of Asia.

This island is obviously no longer in existence, but its remnants of Hawaii and Easter Island show the wonder that was once Lemuria.

Lemuria is thought to have been one of the most ancient civilizations on earth, established hundreds of years prior to Atlantis.

Some believe the end of Lemuria coincided with the establishment and rise of Atlantis and that many of the Lemurians migrated to Atlantis, which at the time was on the other side of the planet (a part of the Atlantic Ocean, opposite of the Pacific).

The Motherland was inhabited by various species and various kinds of races. When we say “races”, we don’t mean black or white. We mean races from other planets and other dimensions.

We mean angelic, elemental, and extraterrestrial races all coming together to experience a new planet…a planet called Earth. Lemuria was a highly spiritually-evolved place.

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Pretty much everyone who lived in Lemuria was connected to their higher selves and therefore the Universe. There was no divide between who “God” was and everyone knew exactly where their souls had originated…where their life force came from.

Being that these races of species were so connected to this new planet (Earth) and each other, this meant that they lived longer lives than we do today…and it also meant that they experienced much less illness if any at all.

When they did they were able to re-align their energies, cleanse their chakras and light bodies and therefore heal themselves with no problem. With no use of medication or synthetic drugs. Simply with the power of the soul, and occasionally with the help of a plant or animal friend.


The Rise and Fall of Atlantis

Towards the end of Lemuria, Atlantis had risen to be a thriving civilization also with various beings and races inhabiting its streets and canals.

There was a large amount of trade moving in and out of Atlantis, branching out to various other civilizations around the planet. Most of this trade was done by means of water – boating, swimming, etc.

Atlantis was established by beings that were different from those beings that inhabited Lemuria. When Lemuria fell or was consumed, many of the Lemurians took up residence in Atlantis.

So there was even a greater blend of races/beings in Atlantis than there was even in Lemuria. Many of the beings from Lemuria is what we today might call a “shapeshifter”, in that they were able to change physical shape according to their needs or desires. This is where the idea of the “mermaid” originates.

Atlantis was not just a city but a large civilization on a piece of land in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Atlantis was situated in an island-like piece of land, with canals feeding directly into the center of it…sort of like spokes on a wheel.

Trade by water was convenient and evident by these canals. But what exactly were the Atlanteans trading? It has been believed that at first, they were trading minerals, stones, and crystals.

But eventually, this changed to trading slaves. Yes, slaves. The more mentally powerful Atlanteans (at least the corrupt ones) were enslaving the less mentally powerful Lemurians, particularly the shifting ones.

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They were performing experiments and trying to manipulate DNA in order to create superior races (sound familiar?)

This corruption led to the downfall of Atlantis, physically and completely. An old tale tells that the gods destroyed Atlantis for its corruption by catastrophic events, perhaps fire and then a flood?

How about THE flood that is discussed in the Holy Bible and in the Epic of Gilgamesh as well as other ancient texts/tales? Just a theory on my part. Where is it now? At the bottom of the ocean, of course. It is as the tales tell.

Does any of this resonate with your soul? Perhaps you remember being a part of Atlantis. Maybe you don’t just yet…but you will.


Does any of this strike a cord?

If both of these civilizations have struck a chord within your soul, perhaps you have lived a life in each of these…both Lemuria and Atlantis.

That is possible and more than likely if your soul is that old that it has experienced lives in each of these lost civilizations. Read on to learn about potential past lives in Avalon.


Avalon…A Magical Isle

If you lived a life in Lemuria and in Atlantis, you have a chance that you also lived in Avalon. Avalon was a large piece of land that made up the countries of the UK, Ireland and bridged over to France and other parts of Western Europe.

Again, Avalon was not a small city but a large civilization. Towards the end, it was reduced to that of a small piece of land shrouded in the mists…hidden from the impending dangers of an ever-changing world/society.

Avalon is mentioned specifically when people talk about or write about King Arthur of Camelot. It was thought that he had direct ties to Avalon, as the Lady of the Lake had given him the sword Excalibur (the Lady was the high priestess of Avalon at the time of Arthur’s reign).

Also, his sister Morgan Le Fay was thought to have been a priestess and worked closely with the Lady of the Lake. Parts of this truth can be read about in the fictional workings of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

She had divine guidance (tapping into her higher self and past life memories) while writing those books.

The Isle of Avalon was a civilization that was established after the fall of Atlantis, by many of the surviving Atlanteans. One of those Atlanteans was, in fact, the well-known druid Merlin.

Again there we have a link with King Arthur of Camelot. The Isle was thought to have been a very magical place because there were still those who were connected deeply with the Earth and all her mysteries.

The mists were not drawn over our eyes in the times of Avalon, though towards the end the mists were pulled back completely. There were those in Avalon who could speak to the animals, who could fly with the birds of the air, who could run with the deer and wild beasts of the wood.

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There were those who worked closely with the elements of nature and the other species of nature such as the fay and elementals. There were even those who were a mixture of the races, such as Morgan Le Fay.

Do you have dreams of floating on small canoe-like boats into the mists? Do you dream of walking up the side of a mountain on a spiraling walkway? Are you adapt to working with herbs to heal yourself and those around you?

Perhaps you lived a life in the Isle of Avalon. Many modern-day “pagans” and “magicians” are indeed tapping into their past life memories and trying to recreate a world that is very much like Avalon once was…and like Lemuria began.


Source: mysticalraven


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