Who Were You In Your Past Life According to Your Birthday

Who Were You In Your Past Life

The date of birth is much more than a date on which we celebrate our birthday. This day in large part determines our future, and past.

We present to you an interesting interpretation of the date of our birth. Check by yourself what you might have been in a past life according to your birthday.

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From 14 to 28 of July, from 23 to 27 of September, from 3 to 17 of October
You have been a Guru with a Big Heart in your past life

Guru - With big heart

Guru – With big heart

You have captivated people with your charm and intelligence. You have had great influence over all. You’ve been on the side of the weak. You’ve been a real leader and teacher to the people, almost a messiah. They have followed you everywhere.

Today you do not like loneliness and you help people in needs. You are not very sociable person, in moments- eccentric. In this life you know very good what you want and how to achieve it. In love your actions comes first from your mind and logic and than from your heart.


From 22 to 31 of January, from 8 to 22 of September
You’ve been a Traveling Artist in your past life

Traveling Artist

Traveling Artist

A person with a very wild fantasy, you’ve possessed the talent to entertain people. You’ve been the center of attention. You have had a lot of lovers.

In the present life you are sensitive but you don’t show your feelings easy. Continue to attract your adventures, but now you are tied to one place and one person. In this life you have sharp and penetrating mind and there is no problem that you can not solve.



From 29 of July to 11 of August, from 30 of October to 7 of November
You’ve been a prominent Defender of Justice in your past life

Defender of Justice

Defender of Justice

Your power had been tact and cold-blooded behavior. You have planned well every action and you have chosen your goals very clever. In addition you have been a good speaker and a writer.

In today’s life you are very honest and straightforward person and despise any kind of violence. You like humanitarian activities and wholeheartedly, helping the sick and the weak.

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However, quite often you lack confidence and sometimes underestimate your abilities. Highly sensitive person in love, you dedicate your whole being to love.



From 8 to 21 of January, From 1 to 11 of February
You have been a Gracious Bandit in your past life

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

You’ve been born in a poor family and because of that much sooner you realize that the world had been divided into a rich and poor. You Motto from the past- “Take from the rich and give to the poor.”

And today you are idealists, but more cautious than before. First you will rethink and then react. You open your heart only to those friends who have proven that they deserve. In love you are too demanding and dream to experience it with body and soul.

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