Who Were You In Your Past Life According to Your Birthday

Who Were You In Your Past LifeFrom 11 to 31 of March, from 18 to 29 of October, from 19 to 31 of December
You have been a Great Orator in your past life

Great Orator

Great Orator

You have been very clever strategist with great oratorical abilities. Your weakness – Your romantic and amorous heart. Love you have experienced with a body and soul and you have given more than received. It is not surprising that after each crash from love you have became revengeful.

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In the present life you still have oratorical skills and looking for even stronger relationship with the others. You do not tolerate people with poor soul. For the friendship you give everything and your friends can always count on you. In love you are very suspicious and jealous.



From 28 of May to 18 of June, from 28 of September to 2 of October
You have been an Adventurer with a Tender heart

The Adventurer

The Adventurer

The meaning of life for you, had been in this to discover unknown places. As very curious personalities with wildly imagination, you have sought to quench your thirst for adventure. You have wanted to learn many foreign languages and have came to many foreign places.

Now you are very independent kind of person, with a various interests. Still strive to discover new horizons and do not want to settle in one place. In love again looking for a soul mate.


From 1 to 19 of April, From 8 to 17 of November
You have been a Known Mutineer in your past life

Known Mutineer

Known Mutineer

You constantly have seeked to discover the mystical. You have had a great prophetic power and certainly you have engaged in white magic. You have been very sociable. Your love for others had been more spiritual than physical.

In the present life you are authoritative personality with critical mind. Highly price sensitive and wise people. Great psychologist, you are quickly understand what people hide from you. In love, you give everything and you want the same from your partner.


From 1 to 7 of  January, from 19 to 28 of  June, from 1 to 7 of  September, from 18 to 26 of November
You have been a Brilliant Intellectual

The Intellectual

The Intellectual

Your main qualities had been honesty and intelligence. You have not missed envious enemy, because of your brilliant mind. Your prophetic visions had been deeply connected with your intuition. You have constantly strived for new knowledge and discoveries.

In your current life you have come with the sense of duty to the people. You brought many positive qualities. Now your intellect is much greater, and you strive to explore deeply your soul. Your motto is: “I want to reveal the roots of all secrets.”


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