We’re In An Age Of Judgment- The Veil Is Lifting During This Intense Shift


The amount of darkness, density, corruption, and criminality that is being exposed in the halls of government, film, music, in the US and internationally, is simply astounding.

While it has been going on for a long time, the entire house of cards has come crashing down. Look at how quickly Hollywood went from being celebrated in its ivory tower and is now being trashed around the world, and the ivory tower is smashed to pieces.

How much truth and revelation can we handle? Is it easier to rip off the bandage slowly or quickly?

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We have to deal with the pain and figure out what to do next – do we add another bandage or let the wound heal without it? That takes courage and the knowing that we will heal, the belief that we can, and the motivation to keep the energy flowing towards that outcome.

You may say “that is happening in the world, but what about what’s going on in my life?”

This isn’t about things happening outside of us, this is also happening within our own lives. What we can no longer energetically align with is moving out of the way (or being moved out of the way).

Once we choose a more integrated and expansive 5D reality, there is no energetic support for anything that is not aligned with that frequency.

Pay attention to what walks or runs out of your life now and remember it isn’t personal, the energetic alignment needed to keep it there is no longer available, whether it’s because you are no longer giving your energy and power away to support it, or it is acknowledging that it no longer fits into your energetic paradigm.

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While it is happening in your personal life, it is not about your personal worthiness or value.

What do we do now? Who can we trust and can we trust anyone? Will we ever connect with like-spirited people?

Yes, but there is a process to all of this. Anger is the first response and the judgment of those who are involved in these situations. Can’t they just do the ‘right thing’?

Can’t they just accept your light, love, and truth? It’s part of the price of ascension we have to be willing to pay, to accept everyone’s energetic sovereignty which includes acknowledging that they may just like being in the dark or not appreciate or value our light.

The other thing we have to accept, and this one is hard, is to avoid allowing our anger to turn into judgment and condemnation. That is not going to help move this energy into a new realm of 3D/5D integration.

We need to use the revelations of density and darkness as stepping stones to make empowered choices about what we do want in our individual and collective reality.

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As tempting as it may be to want to avenge ourselves and get revenge, that is not the best use of our energy.

So rather than thinking about how it would feel to walk them to the jail cell and lock the door, in the case of our public perpetrators, our job is to hand them over at the courthouse steps, so to speak, and let them be dealt with by those who are responsible for that.

On an individual level, allowing others to move on and seeing that movement as creating space in our lives for new high vibration, high-frequency relationships, is much more productive than being angry and feeling taken advantage of.

The universe expands whatever we think about and intend, and we do not want our anger and sense of injustice and disempowerment to be expanded into new realities.

As energy masters, we are always in control of our energy frequency, vibration, and flows. So don’t flow your energy into ‘no go’ zones, meaning anything whose result is not going to expand the peace, joy, love, and prosperity in your life.

Our role in the Light Age is to expand the light and make it available for everyone, not to worry about the dark.

The darkness always surrenders to the light; it is not only a fact of nature, it is an energetic truth.

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The brighter you shine, the more light there is for you and for everyone, the more you raise your frequency to become a bigger and more expanded energy container, and you light that path for others.

We’re living in amazing times and have wished for this moment for eons. Here we are so let’s make the best of it together.




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